Is £3m Memorial Hall extension what Farnham really, really wants?

via Farnham Herald

Or, is it what some Waverley councillors really, really want…

We too fear for the future of old people Mr Downs! However, unlike you, not just for the future of the old in Farnham, but in Godalming, Haslemere, Cranleigh and all the towns and villages in the borough, BECAUSE THEY TOO ARE SUFFERING AT WBC’s HANDS.  You are not alone in your concern, according to our insiders at Waverley. One senior officer was so sickened by it all, we hear he resigned – or as it is normally referred to within Waverley – taken early retirement! There are more considering doing the same, as morale there is at rock bottom. Working for the “Nasty Party” is not easy.

Hearing Waverley boasting about how much they care for the elderly in their Ageing Well Strategy, is making us feel quite sick too. They just don’t understand that it’s not spending £3m of the ratepayers money on extending the Memorial Hall that is the problem, but completly ignoring the state of the Gostrey Centre for years. Now it is sacrificing it, along with its users and volunteers, including the WRVS, on the alter of the East Street developers. The same developers who, thus far, don’t appear to be spending one penny on its replacement and are busy attending ‘secret’ meetings with WBC to build wherever there is a patch of green in the borough that needs a concrete plaster.

This despite the protestations of members of the Farnham Residents’ group and the only Independent at Waverley, who all questioned the scheme. They were soon given a clip around the ear,  were over-ruled and rubished by the rulers of the Nasty Party.

They then railroaded through the vote, to spend £3m of our money, not WBC’s money, OUR MONEY, on sticking a carbuncle on the face of an old friend (The Memorial Hall). Read more on the post, “All  Things Bright and Not So Beautiful”, here.

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