Doctor No-Where soon?

via Daily Mail
via Daily Mail

Good old Jeremy Hunt, now he’s upset all those dedicated young doctors all over the country that are working around the clock looking after the sick and dying.

One doctor at a local hospital, (no names; no sacking) has asked everyone to remember that Junior Doctors are all doctors, that are not Consultants – hardly Junior then! They say, that being a doctor is all about their patients, and they are fearful that the Government’s proposed new contract is fundamentally dangerous and unsafe for patients.

Whilst our Waverley MP, and Secretary State for Health, the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP, is busy moving into his new home in Markwick Lane, just off the Dunsfold Road, and is equally busy trying to pedestrianise our streets in Farnham Town Centre, the entire doctor community is threatening to go on strike.

Said one Doctor coming off a 16 hour shift: “I am so tired at the end of a shift, I can barely spell my own name, let alone make life and death decisions. There is not a Doctor in the UK that trusts Jeremy Hunt.”

Didn’t we do well in Waverley? We voted the saviour of the National Health Service back in! In the Daily Mail this week, we read: Hunt “will end up replacing junior doctors with migrants’.

via The Spectator
via The Spectator

Consultant Surgeon J. Meirion Thomas, the fearless Welshman, says the row will leave the NHS more reliant on doctors from overseas. Up to 15,000 junior doctors are just 11 days away from voting to strike over changes to their pay and conditions, which JH is determined to push through. Well, you don’t get to be PM by not being drastic, JMT!

No problem here in Surrey – the borough and county councils, aided by the Bishop of Guildford, are busy making plans to take as many migrants as they can – let’s hope some of them are doctors and they can speak the lingo!

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