Come on Jeremy – don’t be a wimp – get out there and meet the guys and gals running ‘Your Waverley?’

It cannot be true – can it? SW Surrey’s MP and local entrepreneur has taken fright and refuses to do local constituency work for Waverley residents?

It cannot be true – can it? SW Surrey’s MP and local entrepreneur has taken fright and refuses to do local constituency work for Waverley residents?

Has he lost his bottle now that the Potty One isn’t head honcho at The Burys? 
Why does ‘YW’s’ Deputy Leader Paul Follows have to resort to trolling the Farnham Herald to get a response from Jeremy Hunt?
After all – aren’t our local politicians supposed to forget politics with a big P and work together and co-operate on the important issues that affect the future of our borough? Has he ever heard of the saying:

‘People before Politics?”

Has the MP for Guildford & the eastern villages deigned to meet the new Rainbow Coalition? If not – why not? After all, although Anne Milton has lost the Tory whip, her constituents have some very worrying and pressing issues pending on her patch. Issues, that require a good working relationship with the new leaders of Waverley Borough Council.
Screenshots from Farnham Herald’s Facebook page proving the rather desperate lengths that the Waverley administration are now going to!

Has Hambledon’s Holder’s thrown a hand grenade into the​ future viability of ‘Blightwells Yard’ in Farnham?


Here’s our sticker book!

And below is one Farnham resident’s thoughts. Brightwells_storecounter


– In July this year, the Government published a review of the problems facing retail in town centres. The Grimsey Review Part 2 had a title which said it all: The Vanishing High Street.

For the first time, we have been able to hear something of these concerns expressed openly in the Waverley Council chamber. Last week there was a meeting concerning the borough’s economic strategy, which has been recorded and is available to see on Waverley’s website (Tuesday, September 11’s meeting of customer services and VFMO).

Here’s an excerpt: Has Hambledon’s Holder become a bit bolder or is he just demob happy as he prepares to leave ‘Your Waverley?

Councillor Holder raised several significant issues at the meeting, one of which indirectly is of concern to Farnham. His suggestion was that the chief executive should draw up plans if Surrey County Council should cease to exist and be replaced with four new unitary authorities. We have to question that in such an event, whether Surrey’s demise would place Crest Nicholson Sainsbury’s Brightwells scheme in jeopardy? The Farnham Theatre Association (FTA) understands from Waverley leader, Julia Potts that legal documents have been signed to the effect that Surrey County Council will meet the cost of the retail element of the scheme, once the development is completed.

Possibly to allay Waverley’s fears that its long-cherished Brightwells/East Street scheme might fail, councillor Holder has another plan up his sleeve. He has invited the Chinese Cultural Attache to visit Waverley with the assistance of Mrs Lucia Hunt (wife of our MP). She will address the Chinese delegation in mandarin to explain what Waverley has to offer Chinese tourists. Demonstrably, she will be able to explain that there is a wealth of beautiful scenery and historic architecture, but of course, no public theatre. Councillor Holder’s declared aim is to boost tourism in the borough and to bring visitors to our failing town centres. Could he possibly be considering Farnham with its Brightwells problem and that Chinese money might be the answer to the conundrum?

An open letter of mine was published in the Farnham Herald some weeks ago, which asked for thoughts and ideas about what would be best for Farnham if the retail element of the Brightwells development failed. FTA has always been clear. We propose a combined theatre/cinema operation as the focus for Brightwells (as described in the Farnham Society’s 2016 concept: Brightwells Restored). As the only purpose-built venue of this kind in Waverley, it could attract visitors and tourists to the whole borough, in support of our retail traders. Does anyone have better ideas? If so, please let us hear them!

Anne Cooper, (Farnham Theatre Association chairman), Nutshell Lane, Upper Hale

They cannot make the Farnham Herald’s letters page big enough to take the complaints against ‘Your Waverley.’

Buy that Great Farnham Newspaper and read it!  

Here at the Waverley Web we want the whole borough to be aware of the Balls Up Of  Blightwells – about to be built on Flood Zone 3 in East Street, Farnham.






All aboard!

All aboard!  All aboard!  The Waverley Developers’ Bandwagon is departing now!  Parish, Town & Borough Councillors to the front of the queue!

With no Local Plan in place, pre-applications and planning applications are being thrown into Waverley’s ever-deepening pot.

Jerermy-Ricketts-267x400A campaign has been launched against the former Mayor of Farnham, ‘Rickity Ricketts’ (aka Cllr Jeremy Ricketts), plans for nine luxury homes at Old Park Stables, near the historic St Swithun’s Way footpath in the countryside, north of the town.  The only thing in its favour is that it is a former brown field site, but objectors say they are ‘nauseated’ by the development, as when the Mayor opened a sensory garden at a local school recently, he cooed about the importance of nature and looking after the planet… Looking after his own pocket more like!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the borough, in Ewhurst, the Chairman of the Parish Council, Richard Cleaves, is trying to speed up the house building programme by asking for officers’ opinion to build 22 homes on a green field, being grazed by horses, at the back of Mapledrakes Road adjoining his father’s property, Treetops.  Interested parties are keen to know if he will declare an interest when the scheme is considered.

Elsewhere, Cranleigh is besieged by developers but never fear, those entirely selfless married councillors, Stewart and Jeanette Stennett, have sought advice from Waverley planning officers’ about a plan that is so very dear to their hearts… to give the village 30 affordable homes in Guildford Road.

Of course, there’s a catch but it’s only the tiniest, weeniest catch:  Waverley has to give them back to the Stennett Clan after 30 years…  Who says Councillors only have their own interests at heart?  Shame on them!!!