Has Red Court’s developer devised yet another cunning plan?


Will Haslemere’s Red Court developers attempt to dupe ‘Your Waverley’ Planners in a few weeks? A plan so cunning Baldrick would be proud of them.

Change of land use for community allotments and orchards, with access off Scotland Lane, car and cycle parking spaces and associated landscaping. LAND BETWEEN THE LODGE AND 15 SCOTLAND LANE SCOTLAND LANE HASLEMERE

Red Court developers raise their ugly heads… again!

Is this another little wheeze? The same developer of Red Court is trying to get a change of use (doc attached) on another bit of the Red Court estate-
Because enough is never enough.
With planning consent for 50 homes in the bag and an appeal pending for another 111 – it makes sense to develop another piece of the Red Court Estate estate so that, in time, that too can become part of the development.
Redwood Limited is now applying for allotments with a new access road, associated parking, services, etc. No doubt, if they can get others to dig for a few years, it will help break the ground in readiness for when the developer sends in its JCBs.  Kerching!
All allotments in Haslemere are owned and run by the town council. Still, these allotments will be owned by the developer… It seems to us cynical souls here at the Waverley Web that this could be a trojan horse for a few more executive homes on what should be protected land once a change of use for allotments is granted.
The land lies on the driveway down to the Grade 2 listed Red Court House and opposite the Grade 2 listed Red Court Lodge, which is totally unsuitable for allotments. From what we can tell on Waverley’s Planning Portal, the immediate neighbours haven’t objected. Have they signed away their right to object?’ if so, they must be shocked to see what’s happening on their doorstep.
Another cunning plan in the making? 

5 thoughts on “Has Red Court’s developer devised yet another cunning plan?”

  1. Out of interest, are there any developments in Haslemere South which the Haslemere South Residents Association support? Or is it only developments in Hindhead and Alfold which they approve of. There is an acronym for them I think.

      1. Of course, but Haslemere South are fine with development in the AONB which isn’t in Haslemere South. They’ve been very clear about that and actively lobbied WBC to include developments in the AONB in local plan. Let’s be clear, this isn’t about some ideological belief in environmental protection, it is about proximity to their own homes. I’m afraid the rest of the community have grown tired of their posturing.

  2. For what it is worth the 111 homes should clearly not be built, and I hope they aren’t. The same goes for all major developments in the AONB (though it is worth noting that in the local plan WBC have said they don’t believe a development of 90 dwellings constitutes “major development” so I’m unclear where WBC draw the line).

    The allotments are a different matter altogether and would benefit the community for marginal negative impact (though the whole thing is moot I expect as Redwood probably have no intention of delivering them unless they get the 111 homes).

  3. I am sure none of us want any of this Cr*p for Anywhere in Waverley – But I am afraid my sympathy for Haslemere waned when I saw how little Support we in the East of the Borough have ever had with the amount of Houses we are taking.

    I just don’t want to hear any more about the lack of Designations/Protections we DO NOT HAVE in the East of the Borough such as Greenbelt, SANG/SPA’s etc – What we do have IS the AONB on our Doorstep at Hascombe – which overlooks Dunsfold Park (did anyone ever whinge about that one?)

    We have SSSI’s, Ancient Woodlands, Countryside Beyond the Greenbelt – they do not mean anything with regards to Planning Appeals here.

    If we didn’t have such a divided Borough where Not in my Backyard prevails we wouldn’t be in this Bally mess and you cannot blame EVERYTHING that has gone wrong on the damn Dunsfold Park Development not happening as I have said on a previous Post. (Eggs/Basket)

    It is about time this Borough Woke up and smelt the coffee – what happens here in the East is on it’s way to the West and Central parts of the Borough and it doesn’t seem to matter which colour you vote for.

    I wish Haslemere well and hope they manage to sort things out there – But just have a think how perhaps some of this was bought upon yourselves.

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