Another shedload of housing on its way to Alfold.


The little village of Alfold has been deluged with developers.   Cala Homes, Bewley Homes, Thakeham Homes, Abri Homes, and we expect it will soon get Eamonn Homes – to build over its countryside. The latest is Vistry Homes.

It gained consent at appeal for 86 homes, 26 “affordable ” for rent and shared ownership and 93 sqm of commercial buildings.

Whilst local landowners trouser squillions and the A281 has started to resemble a car park, villagers are putting up the For Sale signs and heading for the hills.

One villager who has enjoyed life in Alfold for more than 40 years told the Waverley Web –

“some of us just cannot take any more; the character of Alfold is changing overnight. As far as the eye can see,  trucks and diggers are ploughing through open countryside, where wildlife once thrived. The weight of traffic on Loxwood Road B2128 and the A281 Horsham/Guildford Roads is heaving. Our village shop has gone, pubs closed, doctors appointments are as rare as  hen’s teeth and no schools for all these families that are encouraged to come here. This week we lost our tresured Barn Pub & Restaurant, visited by people from far and wide and we heard that Dunsfold Post Office has closed. 

If this is planning, God Help us.”

Here’s the latest Detailed scheme for developing 86 homes adjacent to the petrol station on the A28 adjacent to Alfold’s former Wyevale Garden Centre. And below one of the three-storey blocks of flats behind the petrol station and car wash.

Or maybe Vistry Homes will flog off the site to another developer and change them all to rent and part-buy, just as Thakeham Homes did on Loxwood Road? You can read it here:

Has Waverley Council conspired with developers to throw Alfold to the wolves?

3 thoughts on “Another shedload of housing on its way to Alfold.”

  1. And this is what Alfold get…….. a Bio-diversity NET LOSS of -64.10% due to the Over development of the Land… NPPF states that developments should provide a Bio-Diversity NET GAIN of Min 10%… But it is OK folks… you can Off-Set it to somewhere else in Surrey.

    “BNG Partnership letter of intent to provide a BNG offset site for Land South of Alfold Garden Centre, Horsham Road, GU6 8JE Vistry Housebuilding Southern (WA/2020/0260)

    Dear xxxxxxx,

    I am delighted to be able to confirm that BNG Partnership will be able to provide a suitable offset site for the 15.5 BNG units that Vistry require on their Land South of Alfold Garden Centre development, in order to achieve a biodiversity net gain.”

    Now that’s what I call Clever Planning

    As ever Grumpy from Alfold

  2. Where next?
    How much land is still really in residential hand in and around Dunsfold, not quietly hived off by the owners to offshore companies that they control. Ready to be offered up for development.
    I wonder?

  3. Sadly Alfold is suffering from the aftermath of the fight against the Dunsfold development and the ability to elect ineffective councillors.

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