Waverley Election – Part 4


Here’s some of the Farnham Line-up.

MP Jeremy Hunt’s agent Sean Donovan-Smith could be looking for a day job now that his boss has told the world he won’t be standing again in Farnham – due to boundary commission changes. He goes head-to-head with two long-serving councillors – Andy MacLeod and Mark Merryweather. 

Why are the Conservatives so shy about letting everyone know where they live?

Will Farnham North West could get a touch of Frost … again.

Former WB Cllr

Could Architect Mark Westcott the man who has battled to save Brightwell House – get a seat at Waverley’s table? Take a bow for services to Farnham – Mark Westcott.

There are old Tories and bold Tories – but few old bold Tories standing in the Waverley elections.

5 thoughts on “Waverley Election – Part 4”

  1. Whilst safety concerns might be appropriate to withhold a home address. For a local councillor address in the Ward would be more appropriate and transparent living in the Ward provides a much better understanding of local Ward problems.

  2. I notice that only one cnw candidate for the Rowledge ward actually lives in Rowledge. Typical that the Farnham residents’ candidate actually lives somewhere else. None of the candidates except Mark Westcott know the village!

    1. Perhaps we should all be voting for Mark Westcott, then. He can fight for Farnham from the inside instead of the outside.

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