Crown Court binned and – Waverley & Guilford offices to merge.

 Want to hear why?

Because, like so many councils up and down the country, Waverley & Guildford have been stuffed by the Government.

Chancellor & SW Surrey’s retiring MP Jeremy Hunt, hoping to move to greener pastures, has told local authorities there will be no more money.

Waverley & Guildford don’t want to go the same way as Woking, which has gone bust!

Woking Council in existential crisis over its finances

When will ALL our local politicians start working together for the good of the Waverley Borough and its residents?
Waverley Tories have spent so much time sniping from the sidelines for four years that they didn’t have time to join the Rainbow Coalition during one of its history’s most turbulent chapters.
Cllr Paul Follows was responding to a question by Tory activist Ann Gray at a Godalming Town Meeting last week on the Godalming Regeneration Project. Did she get more than she bargained for?
Last night at Waverley’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Peter Martin, a regular thrower of rocks at the present administration, said he wanted to know when leader Paul Follows would be making a further announcement.

 Council in existential crisis over its finances copy

5 thoughts on “Crown Court binned and – Waverley & Guilford offices to merge.”

  1. This is absolutely what needs to be said. Telling it as it needs to be said. There is no money. Assets will need to be used and sold wisely and everyone will suffer the consequences.

    This is just the start. I anticipate the car park will go next year and nobody will say a word because it will be a decision made with a Guildford centric bias. Waverley is physically too small to survive under the constant central Government constraints.

    Whatever your politics Follows is telling it as it is. Tough message. No victory here. Unless there is root and branch support the council is finished and the cause lies with the Government and it’s supporters. They have eaten their own tale.


  2. Sounds like a sensible plan – too much money is wasted on small local authorities having separate infrastructure.

    1. We couldn’t agree more. Well done, Waverley Borough Council, for proposing to take the plunge – about time too. This is the second logical step towards a full merger. However, we bet the opposition will be against it.

  3. It is sad that the Conservatives opt out of taking a role in the Borough Council. They propose nothing and merely seize every opportunity to default to oppose everything by responding “Conservatives says no” solely to pursue their election agenda. To masquerade as doing it for residents benefit is cynically crass.

    1. At last night’s Full Council meeting, one-third of councillors failed to turn up. What does that say? Let us all hope that when the new council members are elected, they remember the words of one Tory (who is leaving) that regardless of their political persuasions, they are there to serve the people of Waverley. Good advice. Let’s hope the new contingent heeds those words.

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