Oh what a tangled web some Tories weave –

…when once they practise deceive.

Here they go again… let the trumpets blow again!

It really looks like unseemly speed to crow about the Godalming Crown Court decision using the WaverleyWeb fake Twitter account. (see attachment below)

This can only be from the same Tory shower as produce the fake Voice sites and the Fake Fact-Check site.   The “not that we follow the Tories ourselves…” is such a stupid attempt to deny they are the Tories that it can only come from the Judith / Alison / Anne Gray -blue rinse groupies.

This fake account lark is against Electoral Commission rules, right? Not that any Tory would worry about rules. Ask Boris, Matt Hancock, et al.


Do the Tories really believe they can fool some people all the time – or all the people some of the time? Because, in their haste – they identified themselves as the Fake Twitter Brigade.

3 thoughts on “Oh what a tangled web some Tories weave –”

  1. Thank goodness a sensible decision has been made about the Crown Court car park. Praise to the Councillors of all parties who made it and let’s all crow about it.

    1. Well said. A courageous and sensible decision, but it doesn’t solve many of the problems ‘Your Waverley’ will face in the future. Something must be done with The Bury’s Building, which no longer fits the purpose. Years and years of delays by previous administrations must now be faced.

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