Now look what the county dummies have done to Alfold.

What is wrong with Surrey County Council – the clue is on the right-hand side of the signpost DUNSFOLD.

Has anyone ANY regard for this once-happy little village on the Surrey Sussex border?

We all know that Covid and Working from Home (WFH) have had a major impact on local services and the civil service in particular – has anyone tried getting hold of anyone in the public sector on a Friday recently – or, for that matter, on a Monday?

If you haven’t, don’t bother because most of them now WFH on Mondays and Fridays – at least that’s what they tell us but, in reality, the five-day week has become the three-day week in the civil service, with civil servants now taking an extended long weekend – otherwise known as WFH!

The upshot is the vast majority are too busy watching the latest instalment of  Keeping up with The Markles on Netflix, emptying their washing machines, loading their dishwasher or simply sitting in front of their fires with their feet up, a box of Milk Tray and a cup of Nescafe at their elbow.

Then, when they’re called upon to do some actual work and irritated at being dragged away from their all-important WFH practices, they do a quick, shoddy job and don’t even bother to run the spell-checker.

Result: Alfold, just over the border in West Sussex, has been renamed ALFORD according to its newly erected road signs.

Was there a consultation on this name change or a local referendum?  No!  Just a civil servant who could barely tear their eyes away from their 55-inch Samsung as the Pampered Prince and Moaning Markle, his wife, aired their dirty laundry, so said civil servant didn’t read the all-important small print when signing off on the new signage for the village formerly known as Alfold…

… or is it, as some believe, nothing to do with WFH but a sinister plot to merge the ever-expanding village, formerly known as Alfold, into the soon-to-emerge Dunsfold New Town, creating a super-village called


Aldun and dusted

6 thoughts on “Now look what the county dummies have done to Alfold.”

  1. Well said WW
    It is true that it is nigh on impossible to get hold of anyone on a Friday/Monday…But there is simply no excuse to get it wrong. I am afraid SCC have been spending too much time with the Hungry Developers who Pay into SCC’s Coffers with CIL and s106 Payments; very little of which seems to find its way into Alfold’s Funds, as Alford is the name that most of them give to Our Village – Even various Inspectors are Guilty of it in their Appeal Documents.

    We had a No Entry Sign/Giveway knocked down a few weeks ago – at the ALFOLD Crossways which was replaced at the same time as this stupid sign….. They just forgot to Include the GIVEWAY part of it….

    1. Hardly stupid, this happens on a daily basis – with one authority or another. The good folks of Alfold feel like Bill No Mates – surely it is not too much to ask the highwaymen to get this huge sign right?

    2. Sorry Dave – If you had any idea of what this little Village has gone through over the last few years you would understand why people think that something as silly as a Road sign means something to us here in ALFOLD.. It is not just the signage it is the fact that this small Village has taken on over 420 New Developments in the last couple of years and if You know anything about this Village you will know how small we are…And with SCC constantly saying it is fine to put 100’s of homes here when we have no Schools, Medical facilities, No Shops, 1 pub that has only just re-opended, Cr*ppy Buses and no Train station that you can damn well cycle to… and SCC constantly banging on that there are no problems with the A281 or any of the other Rural roads.

      So before you comment about an attack on the Civil Service – You may want to do a bit of research… Just saying… If Surrey Highways cannot get their act together enough to spell our name right – then they need to pull their Finger Out

  2. Hi Denise.if you don’t know that Surrey Highways isn’t the civil service then you need to read a bit more. Just saying if Denise Wordswrong cannot get her facts right, then she needs to pull her finger out.

  3. The problem of incompetence by Surrey Highways staff is replicated many times beyond Alfold. They offer us a third rate service and throw our money down the drain. They have no clue what is going on in the County on their watch. Well said Denise, we all feel your pain.

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