Has Hambledon’s Holder become a bit bolder or is he just demob happy as he prepares to leave ‘Your Waverley?

Councillors and officers looked like rabbits caught in a set of headlights as the member for Witley & Hambledon threw this little missile into the meeting of the Overview & Scrutiny Value for Money Committee.

No doubt, Cllr Holder (Witley & Hambledon) is willing to help sabotage the county council because he’s preparing to join the big band of Conservative councillors intent on leaving the 50 strong Tory contingents at Waverley. Presumably in these discussions at a meeting yesterday on the borough’s future Economic Strategy he is predicting the demise of Waverley Council too?

So will  ‘Your Waverley’ be gobbled up by  Guildford and Woking?

WW bets that Surrey’s Leader – ‘Hodge the Bodge’ will be keen to scotch this?



3 thoughts on “Has Hambledon’s Holder become a bit bolder or is he just demob happy as he prepares to leave ‘Your Waverley?

  1. Most sensible idea I’ve heard in a while, except it’s not the first time I’ve heard it. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas so why would Councillors vote to reduce a) the number of them and b) the amount they can trouser in allowances? As Surrey County Council edges towards bankruptcy it may be a more attractive option for them but the terror for YW Councillors of all things Woking would be a force to be reckoned with.


  2. WW Sees a merger coming on, though sometimes YW’s Nick goes off on one, this time he may be reading some very real runes. When Woking Borough Council gets hold of Your Waverley it will shake it until it until it rattles – that’s for sure.


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