It’s official – Thames Water is rubbish.

Last week regulator OFWAT announced that Thames Water is the top dog on the list of the worst-performing water companies.

No surprise there, then it is what everyone has been saying in Waverley and the region for years.


Says Cllr Reed:

This is what l wrote today to the Area Director of Thames Water about the water streaming down Bookhurst Hill … again.

 ‘I noticed myself and have been contacted by my Residents about the ever-fast-flowing continuous water on the main road on Bookhurst Hill. This continues to be a worry, especially now that Winter is here with its frost, ice and snow.

Consequently, I share the most worrying concerns of my Residents who have contacted me, not only about potential accidents on the road itself but also of vehicles losing control and careering into their cottages. This morning, I heard from a working mother of two preschool children who expressed great concern.

Please let me know asap what is causing this severe problem and what Thames Water plans to do about it. I was told that the Lambswood Reservoir problems had been fixed.

Thames Water is more than a little flushed after a grilling from its Cranleigh customers.

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