Are our MP’s lacking self-awareness?

Here’s a little lesson from our MP’s on how to deal with fuel poverty.

Are they making a mockery of us plebs, struggling with our escalating heating bills by suggesting we hug a dog and knit hats to keep warm?

In the past, we have been told to get on our bikes. Perhaps these two crass MPs Aunty Angela Richardson and Nadine Dorries will get on theirs and cycle off into the sunset. They appear to think fuel poverty is some sort of joke.

Do you think that the first lesson the new PM might give to his or her colleagues is an evening class in self-awareness?

You imagined that most people are pretty average in their opinions. And then it dawns on you that this country is full of ignorant bigoted cruel sad peanut-brain idiots like secretary of State Nadine  Dorries and Guildford MP Angela Richardson.

Don’t worry Helen now your MP is looking through her knitting patterns to find one for vests!

Maybe Sir Lindsay Hoyle realising you can listen, bob up and down and knit at the same time will suggest you tie a broom to your backside, Angie, and sweep the corridors of Westminster at the same time?

Another little helpful message from her colleague Nadine  Dorries.

In which of your multiple homes do you two intend to ditch the oven this winter to bring your energy supply down so you can hug your dogs and knit?  In the case of our Angie – your home in the constituency? Your London home? Or…?

A message we received moments ago from Andy Web Founder & Moderator of the Cranleigh Community Board.

Dear WW,
Please take a look on Cranleigh Community Group to some of the comments on a post I put on there about our MP’s.
At least Sunak will save money on toilet paper from all the arse licking from Angela and  Co.

“I appreciate not everyone will agree with this post and you are also entitled to voice your opinions.

I also know this goes against the rules of the group on a couple of points so I apologise in advance but something needs to be said.

So many of us will be struggling already with the energy crisis and it is set to get worse. Our local MP’s will not do anything to help but instead post crap on Twitter about using microwaves and slow cookers instead of ovens, knitting jumpers to keep warm, turning off lights etc as though we are all stupid.
They should be doing something to cut costs and stop preaching to us about cutting down on the essentials whilst they are on £81,000 a year salary, £22,600 accommodation costs plus travel expenses whilst most of us are struggling.

Where were they during the recent Thames water fiasco? Lucky for us we had Liz Townsend on the front line fighting for the residents.

Where are they when residents need to discuss important issues in Cranleigh, Alfold, Ewhurst and surrounding villages?

They say they don’t answer questions on social media but spend all day tweeting support for their favourite candidate to become PM hoping to be part of the cabinet instead of dealing with the concerns of their constituents.
I am willing to email them for answers to any concerns you may have.

Enough is enough, we need MP’s who care about the community.

Rant over”.

2 thoughts on “Are our MP’s lacking self-awareness?”

  1. It would be good if our MP could get involved in looking at why we currebtly have a spate of anti-social behaviour problems in Cranleigh. A few weeks ago teenagers damaging property at 4am. A major incident on Friday night with high police presence and shops forced to close, an incident on Sunday involving suspected drug misuse and resulting in deployment of the Air Ambulance. An incident this morning with a man threatening children in the village. If she could campaign to get a properly staffed police station in Cranleigh that would be a start.

    1. Sorry, perhaps you missed our recent post. Your MP is Angela Richardson and she is far too busy knitting to get involved in anti-social behaviour in Cranleigh or anywhere else for that matter. However, she has a very good stock of little green hand-knitted hats and is now moving on to knitting vests. She will probably follow on with knitting a new Tory Prime Minister. Sorry for the sarcastic humour, but one day your MP over there will do something other than make us cry, or laugh! Apologies for not including a link – but we have tried desperately to force it from our minds.

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