Come on Jeremy you’re an opportunist not a loyalist?

MP Jeremy Hunt told Farnham’s Herald this week :

I’m a natural loyalist – but had to speak out.

Couldn’t possibly be because you wanted another go at the top job, a job you have lusted after for years – now could it? 

He went on to say, nothing more perfectly encapsulates the value of stability in an institution like the monarchy than the perpetual instability of Westminster politics.

This was brought home to me vividly this week.

At the weekend I watched the wonderful Jubilee concert at home with my family on Saturday night and then went to a splendid Jubilee street party in Hambledon the next day (thanks to the brilliant Mary Grove and her team).

Then quite unexpectedly on Monday, we were all plunged straight into the turmoil of a vote of no confidence in the prime minister.

I thought carefully about my own responsibilities. I am a natural loyalist who has rebelled only a handful of times.

I recognise that for our political system to work, members of parliament should generally support their party, even when privately they may disagree with some policy decisions – otherwise, how could any government get legislation through?

As health secretary, I depended on my MP colleagues supporting me on difficult issues in the voting lobbies, even when they may have had private reservations.

But there are also times when constituents need to hear their MP speak out.

And, there are times Mr Hunt, when it is better to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the people who elected you. You have been on manoeuvres for years, and plotting with your supporters frantically for the past few months to oust Boris. Why not tell it as it is? The electorate would respect you for it.

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