Is our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt’s boat sinking fast?

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has launched a stinging attack on her colleague Jeremy Hunt, accusing him of “duplicity” and “destabilising” the Conservatives.

Her comments come in a series of blunt tweets which some have criticised as unseemly.

Former health secretary Mr Hunt had tweeted he would be voting against Boris Johnson in last  evening’s vote of confidence in the prime minister saying:

“Today’s decision is change or lose. I will be voting for change.”

This provoked anger from Ms Dorries who stormed back with a four-part thread.

We posted on the Twitter spat yesterday pm in the link below.

SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt is on manoeuvres to become Prime Minister.

She accused Mr Hunt of failing to prepare properly for the COVID pandemic and said if he had won the last Tory leadership election he would have

“handed the keys of No 10 to Corbyn”.

“Your handling of the pandemic would have been a disaster,” she wrote. “Your pandemic preparation during six years as health secretary was found wanting and inadequate.

Live coverage of the vote of no confidence in the prime minister

As for Guildford & Villages MP Angela Richardson, her popularity among her electorate is on the wane, though some have congratulated her for coming off the fence at last!

Angela Richardson MP 

MP’s Jeremy Hunt & Angela Richardson may need to keep their hard hats on?
From the very beginning of the issues surrounding the Prime Minister’s conduct during the lockdown period and his subsequent answers to parliamentary questions, I have been consistent in my views about the standards people expect of those in high office.
Last week, I made a statement following the publication of the full Sue Gray report that questioned whether those standards had been upheld. The deep disappointment I expressed in a previous statement in January has not abated.
Given that, I will be voting No Confidence in Boris Johnson this evening.

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