Backlog of applications at ‘Your Waverley disappearing.

But, developers continue to hang on to their planning consents – wonder WHY?

Hear the planning update straight from the mouth of the Portfolio Holder for planning Cllr Liz Townsend.

Has Cllr Townsend put a rocket up the backside of Waverley’s planning department? Some might say – “not before time?” Pity, she couldn’t put the same rocket up the backsides of developers who have failed to actually build the homes for which they fought so hard to gain consent?

In January, Cranleigh’s Cllr Townsend took over a demanding new position on the Executive.  

She became Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economic Development.

She also retains the leadership of the £20m Cranleigh Leisure Centre Project and the future development of Dunsfold Aerodrome – the largest development site in the borough.

Waverley’s Leader shakes up his Executive team.

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