Schools… what Schools?

A Waverley Web reader has asked the following question:

Can Waverley web shed any light on what is to happen to the two Cranleigh Primary School Sites? The go ahead had been given by Surrey CC to build the new school in the next couple of years on Glebelands School Playing Fields (that are subject to flooding!). This leaves two prime development sites just off the High Street.

Will we see a continuation of Sarus Place which is on one side? Or will the council turn it into a car park? Any ideas?

Cllr Alan Young
Cllr Alan Young

Shall we ask Surrey County Councillor Alan Young?

Cllr Victoria Young

His wife, Councillor Victoria Young (Remember – it’s all in the family being a councillor these days!) told a public meeting in Alfold a month back, that

“there are no plans that I know of, to build any schools in Alfold, or anywhere else for that matter.”

But then, perhaps he hasn’t told her during pillow talk because he is keeping the plans ‘secret’ – only to be shared with developers, certain councillors and the Cranleigh Chamber of Trade.

What we can tell you…is, that there are plans to build homes on these sites, though no applications as yet… Park Mead First and Middle Schools. Park Mead.  Cranleigh Church of England School in Parsonage Road, and Cranleigh First School,  and any others they can find…not too much information out there abut building the replacement schools first though. Perhaps the clever Youngs are grappling with the conundrum of how to deal with  the huge amount of extra traffic generated in the most congested part of Cranleigh that has only two accesses out onto the High Street. But don’t hold your breath!

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