Waverley’s Leader shakes up his Executive team.

Paul Follows Leader of ‘Your Waverley.’

After discussions with coalition colleagues, Cllr John Ward (Farnham Residents’) and Cllr Nick Palmer (Labour), Waverley’s Leader Paul Follows has given the Executive an early Spring-Clean announcing revisions to the structure and roles within the group that leads the council.

Cllr Follows told an Executive meeting last night that his valued colleague Cllr Anne-Marie Rosoman,  portfolio holder for housing, was stepping down “for the sake of her health.”  

He supported her decision saying:

any member’s health is always our most important consideration. ” 

She would remain a borough and town councillor and would, he was sure,  continue to offer the contributions she had made to the council since day one of our administration.

He said:

“I can’t adequately express what I think we owe her for the time and dedication to her work and the compassion she has put into the role of Portfolio Holder for Housing. There are simply hundreds of residents that she has helped in some way or form throughout the last three years and I know they would second my comments. I don’t think it will be quite the same without her and I am very sad to lose her expertise. 

She is leaving some very significant shoes to fill when it comes to housing matters.”

Social housing was a core duty of the council. (Earlier the council’s Affordable Housing Strategy was agreed.) Due to the enormous amount of work Anne-Marie had put in, it had been decided that housing was of such significance to the administration it should no longer be covered by just one individual.

These changes and other changes would come into effect today at 9. a.m. today (Wednesday.)

Cllrs Steve Williams, Peter Clarke, Mark Merryweather, Paul Follows and Penny Marriott’s roles would remain unchanged.

Cllrs Paul Follows, and Peter Clarke would be responsible for the Guildford BC and Waverley BC collaboration.

Change in roles:

Andy MacLeod becomes the Portfolio Holder for an expanded Planning Enforcement role and would continue to be responsible for the Farnham Brightwells development. 

Cllr Follows thanked him for his leadership and patience as Portfolio Holder for Planning and for achieving LP Part 2.

“A council role role that attracted the most flak.”

He expressed everyone’s heartfelt thanks to Cllr Rosoman for  her long list of achievements and for working so fantastically with Waverley’s housing team, who had given her so much support.”.

Cllr Kika Mirylees was taking over the Portfolio for Health & Wellbeing Parks and Leisure from Liz Townsend. Her other roles remained the same.

There was a very big and demanding new position for Cllr Liz Townsend.

She now becomes Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economic Development.

She also retains the leadership of the £20m Cranleigh Leisure Centre Project and the future development of Dunsfold Aerodrome – the largest development site in the borough.


The Housing function would be split into two; Cllr Nick Palmer becomes a co-portfolio holder for housing delivery;   encompassing social housing opportunities and homelessness. He would remain s chair the of Community `infrastructure Levy (CIL) Board.

Because said, Cllr Follows:

” We are all in no doubt that you really care about these.”


Cllr Paul Rivers joins the Executive as Co-Portfolio Holder for housing operations, including maintenance and repairs and shares housing strategy with Cllr Palmer.

Cllrs paid further tributes and gave their heartfelt thanks to Cllr Rosoman for everything she had done.

“She has achieved a great deal for the residents of the borough and has worked tirelessly with Waverley’s housing team who have also given her amazing support.”









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  1. It is Follows himself who needs to take responsibility for the mess his council finds itself in under his Leadership. I am fed up of him blaming others or taking credit that isn’t due!

    1. Just a quick question Mike, any chance you might let us know your surname?

      I am just wondering if you are the same Mike I’ve been speaking to about Red Court?

      Also – please would you let me know what you would do to resolve this, of course sticking within the powers of a borough council?

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