Our Waverley New Year predictions – with a little help from our friends.

The Waverley Web Team has returned from the Christmas and New Year festivities full of good cheer and a little too much Christmas pudding.  

So over a slab of left-over Christmas Cake and strong espressos aimed at jump-starting our gin-soaked brains back into gear – Mystic Meg like we discussed our PREDICTIONS for 2022.

So here they are:

Giant Knotweed spreads from Red Court, Haslemere across Waverley.

Closure of The Farnham Museum and the adoption of Clifford Jones’ suggestion to move it into the still-to-be-completed Brightwells development in East Street! Mr Jones is an Archeologist – and well known for digging deep to find solutions for local issues. Still, we believe it would take a hydraulic excavator to resolve the problems facing the bedevilled Brightwells complex!

Charlotte Vere announces a plan to reintroduce the railway line between Guildford and Horsham, with a branch line veering off to Dunsfold Park. The not so Honourable Angela Richardson MP for Guildford calls a press conference to announce the plan – and appears on Page 3 of The Sun dressed as Mrs Claus, sitting on the lap of West Surrey MP, Jeremy Hunt!  

New railway line – sponsored by Cala Homes – as it believed four years ago its workmen could arrive by train.

Planning already approved by  Waverley Planners Eastern Area planning committee for an extension to the Wey & Arun canal near Bramley is overturned to enable Our Angela to push through her railway plans.

Waverley’s housing crisis deepens following controversial appeal decisions and the Government Inspectorate steps in to announce a Free-For-All for on all the undeveloped green fields in Alfold, Bramley, Cranleigh and Dunsfold villages. The not so Honourable Angela Richardson MP for Guildford calls another press conference to announce the Free-For-All, thanks to her boss, the Minister for Levelling-Up, Michael Gove MP, and her good self in her role as Mr Gove’s PPS!

Mass redundancies at WBC following the planning portal debacle and a decision by Zac Ellwood, Head of Planning at Waverley, to grant consent on all outstanding planning decisions, simply to clear the backlog and commence 2022 with a clean slate and fight off appeals!

The closure of WBC offices at Godalming and the dregs of the remaining staff move into one of many empty banks on Godalming High Street.  

 WBC  decides to let AGE UK Surrey take over all its Day Centres after it successfully snaffles up Milford’s Clockhouse Centre.

The closure of Guildford Museum and the removal of its remaining artefacts to a disused phone box on the High Street!

Farnham town traffic is grid-locked, the traffic plan collapses in chaos as costs rocket and traders complain of yet more lost trade caused by higher car parking prices and the two-way traffic plan.

Eastern villagers erect a memorial to Chris – ‘Little Britton’ for his services to all the villages – which have now doubled in size due to his, Captain Bob Lies and Crystal Tipps Weddell’s successful efforts to STOP DUNSFOLD GARDEN VILLAGE – where not a single foundation stone has been laid!

A separate memorial is erected in Farnham to MP Jeremy Hunt for his services in delaying the Dunsfold development decision for more years than anyone can remember – together with his mate former MP Anne Milton – which led to the concreting over and tripling in size of Alfold and, to a lesser extent, Dunsfold villages.

Government Inspector backs Cllr Jerry Hyman’s long-held view that Waverley doesn’t have an Appropriate Assessment on the Thames Basin Heaths and Wealden Heaths Special Protection Areas.

Last – but certainly not least. Time starts running out for Angie and Jeremy.

Tick them off as they happen.

And a happy new year to you all!!!



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