Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

The Waverley Web team took time out from a spate of controversial public inquiries – to wish our friends in Waverley and around the Globe a Very Happy Christmas.

Can’t help wonder why the Inspectorate holds them slap bang before Christmas? No doubt they are inundated and want to keep everyone on their toes?

This google-eyed equine friend fits our mood perfectly – what a year 2021 turned out to be. Here’s to 2022 – The Neighs have it?

Has there ever been a year quite like this, we wonder?

Jabbed up to our elbows, for the most of 2022, some of us have avoided the dreaded disease; some of us haven’t been quite so lucky and still bear the scars to prove it. While the infection swirls around us still – we sincerely hope you have avoided all the nonsense about it being wiped out by camel dung or by hugging the Star of Bethlehem and can boast of being a three-jabbed Johnny.

Every Doug and Doris in the land – must ensure we all keep one another safe.

We hope, like us, all of you take a well-earned rest. We have attempted to cover some of our borough’s significant issues during 2021; lack of space prevents us from posting every cough and sniff. But we do our best.

Along with many, we have had to cancel plans to become subordinate to the virus! We have not pottered around Europe en Voiture, nor have we sailed the balmy seas en bateau. However, we have seen friends and family and have sat like drowned rats in our gardens in the storms of Blighty! We served champagne to spite the Summer winds and rain to spite Beelzebub.

Thank you to all our followers at home and abroad. Here’s just a few who follow us. Thank you to all our correspondents who regularly fill our in-box to overflowing – stay safe, rest and have a very

Happy Christmas

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