To stand or not to stand before ‘Your Waverley’s Mayor – that is the question?

This will ruffle some Zimmers.

Sweet Dreams are made of this?

Some of us think there are more important things to worry about at ‘Your Waverley’ than whether one should stand when speaking before the Mayor of Waverley.

However, Con, Wonersh Cllr Michael ‘Sleepy’ Goodridge, a former Worshipful Mayor, thinks it a high priority.  Councillor Goodridge believes everyone should stand when speaking and has accused colleagues who don’t  of being “disrespectful.”  With so many elderly members suffering from dodgy hips, dodgy knees and at least one case of deep vein thrombosis, we can’t see the situation changing anytime soon!

Meanwhile, looking at the photo above, clipped during an important council meeting, we’d simply point out to Councillor Goodridge the old adage,  people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! Taking a nap during meetings is just not giving the chairperson the respect they deserve.






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