Only months after dumping Twitter the Hon Angie has dumped the Waverley Web!


Angela Richardson has blocked the Waverley Web on Twitter 😯
It’s because she’s sick of seeing our awesomeness all over the place 🤓 and we dared to comment ONCE, just ONCE, on her Twitter page.
Don’t worry; we get it, Angie … when you can’t take the heat, you get out of the kitchen!😂
A bit of an own goal, really. We receive all your daft Tweets – congratulating everyone in Government, including the Downing Street cat, dog, and other incumbents you can find, from others. 

8 thoughts on “Only months after dumping Twitter the Hon Angie has dumped the Waverley Web!”

    1. Yes, obviously we have. Hearing the truth and recognising and accepting genuine and deserved criticism is sometimes quite difficult for some politicians to accept. We cannot remember any instance of any of our MP’s in the past self publicising themselves in this way. Angela Richardson cannot help publishing pictures, videos, urging the public to “look at me, look at me” in such a pathetic, childish and narcissistic fashion. Perhaps she should be reminded of why she is an MP, or she may find herself back at the parish council she used as a stepping stone, and where we understand, she has never been seen since?

      1. Oh come, come now WW, I think it is the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to denouncing someone’s published works as ‘childish’.

      2. Perhaps you think that her constituents really want to see her in the surf or on her latest walk? Publicising her latest TV binge and advising us what drama to watch? Continuously patting her colleagues on the back for failing us? So be it, if that is what you really think. We would actually like to hear from a serious politician – not someone who constantly polishes her own ego?

  1. Maybe she should block all her constituents as well – she seems to ignore requests for help … out of sight out of mind? Not a particularly useful philosophy for a politician.

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