Will a controversial 50-home development in Haslemere get the green light tonight?


Tonight Waverley Planners want to give the go-ahead for a development of 50 homes In Scotland Lane – despite objections from Haslemere  Town Council, Haslemere Vision and some local residents.

The site is a 20-minute walk from Haslemere Station and is close to the existing settlement and nearby houses. It is in the countryside beyond the Green Belt and has been earmarked for development in Waverley’s Local Plan.

So, will councillors send yet another scheme to a Government Inspector to determine?

Officers will remind members of the Western Area Planning Committee tonight that it does not have a five-year housing land supply. In fact, last week Waverley’s Chief Planning Officer told a council meeting it now has only 4.26 years. This refers to homes actually built – not homes that have received consent. 

Some good news on planning issues in ‘ Your Waverley.’ And… some bad!

 Is ‘ Your Waverley’ looking under the sofa to find its 5-year housing supply?

In the report officers say:

“The site lies within the AGLV and within the setting of the AONB and underdeveloped countryside and therefore the introduction of built form would inevitably result in a change to the landscape character and visual appearance of the site.

Whilst Officers acknowledge that the proposed development would result in a change to the site within the setting of the AONB, as a result of the landscape mitigation proposed and in considering the presence of existing residential development along the south of Scotland Lane, which would be seen in context with the proposed development, it is considered the proposal would not cause material harm to the setting of the AONB to such a degree that would outweigh the presumption in favour of sustainable development. The proximity of Grade II Listed Buildings at Red Court means that the proposal would result in less than substantial harm to them. “



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