Milford ‘s golf park becomes a water park?

Here’s what some very clever Milford residents came up with and we posted on just a couple of days ago.

Below we reveal what Station Lane looks like now!

Milford residents tell you everything you ever needed to know about affordable homes in ‘Your Waverley.’.

It is three weeks since this flood appeared on Station Lane. Yep that’s right three long weeks during which Waverley’s Milford Councillor Maxine Gale hasn’t been watching tennis, tending her garden or getting on with council work. She has been on the phone ringing Surrey County Council’s Highway Department every day. Yes! Every day for THREE LONG WEEKS!

Excuses have ranged from blaming:

A minute water leak from the Station car park.

Now its due to having only one jetter available – and that’s for emergencies and this isn’t an emergency and as there is only one available – everyone has to take its turn!  An emergency it may not be but Station Lane is the main pedestrian route to the Milford Mainline Station and as such would be a priority.

No doubt highways are also blaming Tempestas – The Roman Goddess of Storms. After all don’t we blame women for everything!

Perhaps we should be crowd-funding for two Jetters? After this is stockbroker belt Surrey brimming over with jet setters. We could then become ‘Two Jets Surrey.’

But here at the Waverley Web we are doing our civic duty… again… by advising you how to navigate the new Milford Lake.

You could work around it by going into the carpark, but we hear that is becoming pretty disagreeable due to the amount of sludge accumulating across the entrance which is now impossible to avoid. Or you could just put on your waders  Or why not do what one of our Waverley Web team did in the Shere Road and what many other Surrey residents do when large potholes fill up with rain? Particularly as scuba diving in the Med is now only limited to holidaymakers with deep pockets.

Surrey County Council
The new dangerous sport on Surrey’s pot-hole filled roads?


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