Milford residents tell you everything you ever needed to know about affordable homes in ‘Your Waverley.’.

Three cheers for the people of Milford who told it ‘their way.’All over the borough of Waverley – residents have been having the same conversation about the affordability and sustainability of the new developments that are being forced upon us. Developments in unsuitable locations, on flood plains, on crowded roads, and where services cannot keep up.

So – Who Do they think they are Kidding? Certainly not Mr Hitler?

Now the residents of Milford have joined the chorus of protest expressed by others in Farnham, Cranleigh and Godalming and are letting off steam.  They are incandescent with rage that part of their once treasured golf course off the narrow Station Road is to go under concrete. 

You can read the decision here: Note what Bob Upton the local councillor member said at the time He was right – they have moved on to pastures new!

Last night Waverley Planners gave developers the go-ahead to build homes on Milford Golf Course.

Somebody had had fun making this.
The subtitles are actually very good! We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did here at the Waverley Web. Particularly the bit about our MP Jeremy Hunt, with a flat in London, a huge home near Milford (surrounded by farm land) and lots and lots of buy-to-lets to boost his income!  No doubt he will be first in line to snaffle a few more just down the road?

6 thoughts on “Milford residents tell you everything you ever needed to know about affordable homes in ‘Your Waverley.’.”

  1. The video is wonderful.
    But seriously, aside of the environmental issues, the damage to wildlife, the potential flooding – if anyone has tried to get out of Station Road opposite the Coop to turn right – it is going to be impossible with probably 300-400 extra cars using it.
    Of course this wouldn’t have happened if Milford Gold (sorry golf!) Course (owned by Crown Golf) hadn’t sold the land in the first place but as always – a bit of profit to be made can never be resisted. Or in this case most likely more than a bit.
    I haven’t heard that Crown Golf has injected any of its vast profits at Milford??

    1. That right turn out of Station Lane causes quite a queue. But what many people don’t know is that buried in the detail of the road measures planned, is a one-way system at the bridge (like at the approach to Cranleigh). This will soon get blocked by the tailback of the queue – and it will lock solid the other queue going East – and that tailback will lock up the Milford Crossroads. And then everyone will miss Danger Mouse.

      1. Huge problems have been caused by the road layout in Cranleigh – on the Elm Bridge Road and despite numerous promises Surrey highways have failed to deal with the problem. In fact, there are now two roads accessing the town with one way systems! Really – you couldn’t make it up?

        We predict huge traffic problems in Milford in the future. But then all this was predicted by Cllr Paul Follows when he was practically a lone voice at Waverley Borough Council. The Tories shoved and pushed this one through – so now everyone in Milford and Godalming will know who to blame won’t they?

  2. I have said it before, but Surrey Highways are to blame. They take any developer’s traffic study as truth. They never question anything, and merely rubber stamp it. Cala’s report didn’t mention Dunsfold Park traffic in the projected traffic volumes for 2024. The consultants will know that the risk of the one-way scheme blocking up is significant, as their own figures show that at peak times there is no margin for a holdup tailing back and jamming the bridge.

    1. Since when have Surrey Highways ever taken a serious look at any of the developments they give the green light? Why don’t they take note of the effects of development across the borders of Waverley? West Sussex, Hampshire etc, ll of which will have a huge impact on Waverley’s road network. But then if they fail to question the effects on the road network in Surrey, they are hardly likely to take an interest in anywhere else, are they? The highway numpties will sit back and watch the chaos, and then blame motorists no doubt for not getting on their bikes. It is time local authorities like Waverley and Guildford and possibly others, handled the responsibility for the road networks. An overhaul of the system is long overdue. Let us all hope the collaboration proposed between Waverley and Guildford goes further. As for Cala Homes – in its advertising material for the development in Cranleigh they suggested everyone could get there on the train! On the line that closed in the 1960’s no doubt!

  3. I’ve just driven through this lake today July 9th – towards Milford village – no sign of any activity there in terms of repairs yet – and as I got to the end of Station Road, wanting to turn right, I was forced to turn left, go down to the roundabout and come back because there was such a jam at 8.50am this morning. Maybe that’s the answer in the meantime??! Make everyone turn left only?? But then there would be far more traffic squeezing past Milford first school and all the cars inevitably parked there in the morning. There will of course be even more once these houses are built. So on reflection, that’s not such a good idea. Flying car anyone?

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