The Indian coronavirus variant is creeping closer to Waverley.


Surge testing for the Indian variant of the coronavirus will begin on Wednesday in postcodes bordering our borough of Waverley.


Waverley Borough Council Leader gets his first vaccination. Remember – there are still people who are unprotected.

Surge testing will begin tomorrow after confirmed cases of the variant first identified in India have shown up in the areas of Rushmoor and Hart in Hampshire, and some areas of Aldershot, Ash and Ash Vale.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) confirmed on Monday (May 24) that the testing plan would be rolled out around Rushmoor and Hart in Hampshire, as well as some postcodes in Ash and Ash Vale all on the borders of Waverley.

Residents and people working in the affected postcodes – GU11, GU12, GU51 and GU52 – will be invited to take a test. They cover towns such as Aldershot and Fleet, plus the surrounding areas.

The GU12 postcode covers the area to the east of Aldershot and takes into account Ash and Ash Vale, meaning those in the Surrey areas can get tested.

Broadly, all of Ash and Ash Vale will be affected, 

It comes after the confirmation of a small number of confirmed cases of the variant first identified in India. All the confirmed cases have been told to self-isolate and their contacts have been identified.

All those aged 12 and over who live and work in the affected postcodes will be strongly encouraged to take a coronavirus PCR test from today Wednesday (May 26), regardless of whether they are showing symptoms. 

Residents will be able to take a test at one of a number of mobile units that will be open for two weeks from Wednesday.

Further testing is also being deployed at a school in Hampshire, which started on Monday.

PS. Here’s the latest highway update for roadworks in Waverley – just in case you are trying to get anywhere soon!


One thought on “The Indian coronavirus variant is creeping closer to Waverley.”

  1. I have no problem with SCC doing roadworks and I think we all welcome them, Our roads are a mess… But for goodness sakes give us the correct Information, such as making sure the actual Dates of the Roadworks are Accurate?? make the Signage & Diversions signs accurate Make sure if you have closed the road there is someone actually DOING SOMETHING……………

    And recognise there are certain parts of the Borough where Diversions are not applicable because the Road Infrastructure is so LIMITED ie East to West. So do the damn figures and work out how people are supposed to get to work when you cannot be bothered to inform us how we get from A to B – These roadworks have been shambolic to say the least.

    I would hope that someone like Richard Cooper from SCC – Who smiles his way through Planning Applications and says there is no Issue with the Road Infrastructure here in the East would explain the chaos this has caused us and the rest of Waverley – we drove through countless Villages that said the roads were closed – But Obviously NOT. If I can read the Long range weather forecast it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist from SCC to do the same if the rubbish weather is the issue????

    After a 2.5hr round trip to Hindhead from Alfold on Saturday morning – It was enough to make my blood boil – Now I have the same issue during the working week and with the next batch in June – I will have to go with the rush hour to avoid the 9am Closures on the A281 at Graffham – Why not at least make it Traffic Lights so you know you can get through albeit planning for a delay?

    There is a complete disconnect between these people in SCC and those that live in the Villages that have no train stations nearby they can WALK /CYCLE TO – like us and have no access to Hospitals etc, without access to the A281. WHEN WILL SOMEONE WAKE UP?
    This is what makes me so Bally angry with all this Planning Vs Sustainability – It must now be obvious that where we are here in Alfold and surrounding villages there is NOTHING Sustainable… They close the A281 and our Businesses suffer and our Lives.


    I just hope some of the councillors that read your site will take this on board and do something about it – Because at the moment I have heard nothing other than “Sorry more roadworks!………..” Just not good enough. I am a tiny self employed person – But sure there are plenty of other more substantial businesses that are feeling it worse.

    Really GRUMPY from ALFOLD

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