Are The Woolmead hoardings in Farnham getting a Spring clean?

As workmen busy themselves scrubbing out the Berkeley Bunnies phone number from the Woolmead hoardings in Farnham now who do you call for information?

Ask Jeremy. 


But I do know a thing or two about a controversial development in my constituency.

BERKLEY WOOLMEAD DEVELOPMENT update from SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt.

Yesterday I requested up to date information on what is happening with this frustrating Farnham development after a  number of community group concerns.

I have now heard back from Tom Horwood, CEO at Waverley that the current hearing will remain open until the 26th of this month to allow for the Inspector’s site visit, Waverley’s statement and the appellant’s final comments – thereafter, the Inspector will begin deliberations. With regards to the management of the project,

Waverley has not heard anything about a takeover by someone other than Berkeley and pointed out that the appeal was made on behalf of Berkeley Homes.

Here’s the background to a decision made by Waverley `planners, which has led to the Appeal hearing which is currently taking place.

Cllr John Neale said at the time the permission was refused.

“Does the developer really want  to risk damaging its brand by building a blot on the landscape in Farnham? It is a big concern that the site could go undeveloped, however the people Farnham would prefer to take that risk. The longer it is delayed, the more it will cost

Cllr Dear congratulated Mr Gilchrist, of Berkeley, for being able to keep a straight face during his presentation, ‘as I sincerely could not understand the construction costs or the Independent Viability Report – and that is with 35 years experience in the business.’ He said the developer was trying to drive a coach and horses through both Waverley and Surrey’s established planning and transport policies to the detriment of our town.

Cllr Peter Clark said:  “The very fact that Waverley’s planning officers could support this gives me great cause for concern.”

Here’s the background to a decision made by Waverley `planners, which has led to the current appeal hearing. 

It could be back to the drawing board for the Berkeley Bunnies on its Woolmead development?

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