Update on The Berkeley Bunnies Woolmead sell-off.

Yesterday we reported that the hoardings around the controversial Woolmead development in East Street Farnham were getting a much-deserved spring clean as the Berkeley Group’s telephone number and contact detail were being removed.

Now after a good showing by Berkeley’s at the recent public inquiry, and according to observers, “a pretty poor showing by Waverley Planners,” it looks as though the Berkeley Boys might be burrowing elsewhere. Instead of providing plenty of car parking spaces for its long-awaited housing development, It appears there is now a strong possibility the site will be flogged off once they have won their planning appeal.

Is ‘ Your Waverley’ damned if they do – and damned if they don’t allow Berkeleys to cut car parking at The Woolmead?

Not satisfied with getting away with providing NO affordable housing in the East Street development, or off-site affordable housing either, the BB’s now want to drop 61 car of the promised 141 parking spaces in the basement car park. But has thrown a crumb of comfort Waverley’s way by offering 30 12-month season tickets for council-owned car parks – thereby reducing parking for Farnham’s residents!

Why? OH, Why? We hear you cry?


Because the developer claimed the scheme was no longer viable – and that was long before the Coronavirus was even a little gleam in the eye of a Wahun bat, let alone toasted and roasted for a Chinamans’ lunch!

After all – as the BB’s said at the planning committee – there’s plenty of parking spaces elsewhere in Farnham – and there’s public transport. Or how about getting on your bike?

Well, perhaps it is Berkeley’s that is preparing to ride off into the sunset, once it has a consent tucked under its belt? Because it is believed that land agents Aston Meadis is in discussions with the owners and a developer client for the site owned by Berkeleys since 2016.

Is it any wonder that ‘Your Waverley’ has a housing land supply problem? What is it about our borough that appears to be so off-putting to wannabe developers who want to build on brownfield sites? Perhaps we just want them all over our greenfields instead?


This outfit has been struggling for 15 years to get housing off the ground in some form or another on the largest brownfield site in Waverley. Is Berkeley’s joining the Trinity College Club in offloading land in Waverley, because it just can’t stand any more angst?

Are The Woolmead hoardings in Farnham getting a Spring clean?

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