Today’s the day to have your say in Surrey.

Elections Ballot Box
Where will you be putting your vote in the forthcoming Surrey County Council Elections? Remember – we get the government we deserve. No vote – no say.

But before you put your X in the box – read what an Essex MP has to say if you dare to put your council into the hands of others! And look at the lengths some Waverley candidates have gone to?

Because Jeremy Hunt’s election litter picking controversy almost broke the local community boards!

This is absolutely shocking and this man should be thrown out of the Tory party for making this outrageous suggestion.

A Conservative MP urging voters to vote Conservative as Ministers won’t help a Council controlled by an opposition party. This is not how Government ought to function – is it?

According to his Agent, his direct quote from Sir David Amess was…

“Unless we have a strong Tory council my ability to fight for Southend is hampered as Government ministers are reluctant to go that extra mile for an opposition-controlled local council.”

So we ask? Will our MP’s – the Honourable Angie and Jeremy Hunt – be able to work with Surrey County Council if it is run by others?

A little more local shenanigans? TGWIAO. (Thank God when it’s all over).

If you can’t kiss babies these days – pretend to pick up litter instead!

Over 300 comments on one post about the coincidence of Jeremy Hunt just happening to meet some candidates who just happened to be given some black bin bags for a photoshoot in Farnham, Haslemere & Milford

If you can’t kiss babies these days – pretend to pick up litter instead! Oh! and don’t forget the Tory leaflets in the gutters were just caught in a puff of wind!! The same puff of wind that put leaflets in car windscreens no doubt?

From Jeremy’s newsletter:



2 thoughts on “Today’s the day to have your say in Surrey.”

  1. I think most readers of WW would agree that litter in and around Farnham (and other towns) has become a local issue of importance, as local authorities don’t seem to be coping with the surge in littering.

    Indeed it has become such a national disgrace that it’s about time that national government recognises the importance of the issue and becomes more involved. A top down approach is required as well as a local one.

    So when I heard that our local MP Jeremy Hunt was attending what was supposed to be an Anti-Litter campaign rally at Langham’s Recreation Ground in Farnham last Saturday, I thought I should go along to support.

    As it turned out it was more of a photo opportunity for Jeremy and the three local Conservative Candidates for the County elections, rather than engaging with the genuine anti-litter campaigners who were present.

    I just wonder how much litter the candidates will pick-up once the elections are over with?

  2. The battle against dog mess has been very effective in our area.Perhaps we could have equivalent fines for littering. It’s not the lack of bins causing the problem. More of an attitude that someone else will clear up.

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