Put the clock back two years – and visit Haslemere pre-COVID

Look back and perhaps ask – why weren’t we more prepared?

You can even play spot yourself and the Waverley Borough Councillors who took part?

Paul Ross said:
My cousin worked on a BBC TV programme (Contagion) which modelled the outbreak of a contagious virus in the UK:
 It was first broadcast
Thursday, March 22nd 2018 nearly 2 years to the day before we entered lockdown due to a pandemic!
 It was based in Haslemere where the first person caught COVID 19  in the UK.
Freaky… or what?!

One cannot help wondering – if this modelling was carried out by scientists and recorded by the BBC – why weren’t we more prepared?

Could you have answered the question posed? Did you know what the biggest disaster to hit the world was in the last 100 years?

Our MP for South West Surrey and former Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt knew the answer?



3 thoughts on “Put the clock back two years – and visit Haslemere pre-COVID”

  1. Crikey! I just watched this – It is fascinating… They got it so right – Why Didn’t the Government???

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Denise. It is fascinating and well worth watching. Should be repeated on the TV

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