Farnham’s Blightwell’s not coming soon?

The opening of Surrey County Council’s flagship development at Brightwells Yard was to have opened next month – then postponed to July – and now until September. Will the 25 shops and restaurants open in time for Christmas?

As you will gather from the clip Waverley’s Portfolio holder for Planning & Development is full of optimism prompted by the developer. Possibly as a Surrey County Councillor, he needs to look on the bright side of life, as a former administration there invested a shedload of money around £54million when a private investor couldn’t be found to back the scheme. The mixed housing/retail development in East Street includes 25 retail units 8 of which are restaurants.  Here’s the present state of play on our specially designed Waverley Web sticker board. For those in the borough that don’t shop in Farnham – Sainsbury’s has been there for years.

Here’s what The Farnham Society thinks of the unpopular development in the link below.

As Blightwells continues to rear its ugly head the opening has been delayed – again.

He also gives an update on Local Plan Part 2 – which has been out for public consultation.

Will the High Street blight hit Blightwells?

You do have to admire developer Crest Nicholson’s supreme confidence in its abilities to let 70% of the units. Perhaps its a BOGOF – buy one get one free?


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