Flooding in Cranleigh Waters affects Rudgwick.

Looks great doesn’t it – that is until there is heavy rain and your brand new home is near to the Cranleigh Waters.

Looks and sounds idyllic until he rains come down?


Tanisha Mancini and her family were grateful for the help of friends and villagers to stop floodwater entering their homes recently.

EDIT – have managed to get the water redirected, thankyou everyone
Barley Croft estate, 4 of our gardens have flooded rising up to our doors, can anyone help?????????

  • Houses in fields don’t work without the right environmental protections being put in place 1st. Ring the developer and get them to sort it out.
    Something the planners, and Developers had not looked into being on clay ground, it’s obviously not been checked out beforehand on the ground surveys, being on fields proper drainage, and flood defences couldn’t have been put in, also is not this development near the top of the hill off Church street just below the Kings head and Church, no great comfort being the people that got their new homes flooded but it’s quite clearly a claim worthy problem as you are victims of failings at the roots of the development. If not sorted it could be an ongoing problem and may affect the foundation of your homes.
    Tanisha Mancini

    Thankfully managed to stop it from coming in and redirected the water! Hopefully having everything sorted! X


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