Sincere Apology from the Waverley Webbers.

You may have received unscripted e-mails purporting to be from our Waverley Web site – during the past few hours?


We can assure you that we are not selling brides by Mail Order – neither are we suggesting that you move away from your usual Amazon or on-line supplier to provide you with a ‘Matchmaking Service.’ Not the ones you strike, of course. We continue to stick to all things  Waverley – our horizons don’t reach as far as Thailand though our followers come from across the globe.

It would appear – that either some clever person managed to hack our site – we can promise you that the WordPress organisation is already on to them – and has ways and means of dealing with the culprits! No names – no pack drill, as they say in the Army.


Or maybe, just maybe, one of our team of spiders has been on the drink again … which according to some of our regular followers, who have been e-mailing, is the most likely cause of a breakdown in our normal service. Thank you for your messages – particularly the ones with wine glasses and bottles!!

Once again – as we reach the end of a very imperfect day – Mea maxima culpa.


P.S. If you did find a bride – please let us know at





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