Why Waverley’s car parks aren’t free.

The only place with free parking is on a Monopoly Board’.

Nothing seems to generate such angst as paying to park a car.

It seems to be begrudgingly accepted that it’s OK for drivers to pay for fuel, car tax, repairs and servicing, insurance and car washing. But heaven forbid that people are expected to pay for the cost of parking!

Perhaps now be the right time for ‘Your Waverley’ to spell out once again the dire financial straits the Government is putting local councils into?
It appears from the mutter in the borough’s gutters that some people believe paying to park a car in the council’s car parks are a NO/NO.
Pre and post-Covid, councils across the country are struggling to balance the books. Despite numerous promises from Government – remember this? 
Hre’s a message on the subject from Waverley’s Deputy Leader.
Good morning everyone. I have had a lot of queries about this but I want to be upfront with everyone.
‼️The WBC car parks will NOT be free during this second lockdown. We simply cannot afford it.
➡️ However, we will be recognising the Surrey volunteer pass scheme as we did before.
We discussed this at the Waverley Executive and we determined that we simply couldn’t afford it at this time. Other than the fact that car parks are not free to run, and that the revenue they bring in helps fund other essential services two things need to be made clear.
📌 Funding pre-covid from the government had been reduced to zero.
📌 Funding promised/announced by the government to help councils through this period has been much less than promised.
We have to maintain essential services and so we have had to take this decision at this time. I know many will not like this, but I hope the reasons why are understood.
For anyone who would like further info on this, please do shout. 
Cllr Paul Follows
Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough Council
Leader, Godalming Town Council

2 thoughts on “Why Waverley’s car parks aren’t free.”

  1. There is no free, someone else pays. Unfortunately the reality of the harm done by this catastrophic pandemic is not yet fully transparent.

    For some in lockdown the ability to eventually “pay” for a parking space will be a welcome recovery.

  2. Our team agrees. We cannot wait to get parking again when the lockdown ends. As you say – there is such thing as free. Perhaps someone will get out there and take a picture of an overflowing Waverley car park. Roll on!

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