Come on Queen Victoria and Cllr Furniss – get a grip on Godalming? Before Godalming gets a grip on you at the 2021 May Polls.

Perhaps Surrey Council Highways Department should take a look at these pictures.  Particularly its Portfolio Holder – Matt Furniss and its Area Committee Chairman Queen Victoria aka Victoria Young?
Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 20.52.36.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 20.53.13.png
The residents of Godalming are getting heartily sick! No, not this time of the Coronavirus – TBTG – but the shoddy workmanship of their highways and byways. Particularly in Godalming North!
There was a recent incident near Prime Place in Godalming (off Flambard Way) that has caused serious damage to the pedestrian crossing. (Photos 1 & 2).
Concerns have been raised to Surrey in the past (often via Queen Vic at the local committee regarding the traffic phasing relating to this crossing and nearby.  Many residents predicted an incident to be inevitable.
Perhaps someone out there should let the authorities know how it happened?
But what is baffling many, is the quality of repairs and the manpower it took to do them! Especially when money is frequently given as the reason why things cannot be done?

Photos 3 and 4 are of a recent set of repairs on South Hill. The Green section is the area that was patched, patching may be putting too fine a point on it as the quality is questionable!  But surely as shown in the red section it cannot be cost-efficient to send a crew out to repair one element and not the section next to it?

Or – was it a phased repair?

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 20.32.58.png
Highway staff in the yellow corner standing by just in case they are needed? WWeb heard for this particular repair there were 4 members of staff present during the repair and for the duration only 2 of them did anything. Is this standard practice for a small repair?
Oh! and just in case you think this is a first in Godalming. Take a look at this little photo gallery of SCC’s previous offerings to pavement and road safety.  
Come on Queen Victoria and Cllr Furniss – get a grip on Godalming? Before Godalming gets a grip on you at the 2021 May Polls.

Yet another example of shoddy workmanship.

9 thoughts on “Come on Queen Victoria and Cllr Furniss – get a grip on Godalming? Before Godalming gets a grip on you at the 2021 May Polls.”

  1. It isn’t just Godalming! the A281 is a mass of Potholes – Surely whilst the roads are so quiet this is the time to do works so urgently required on ALL of our roads ?? We have had bollards on Dunsfold Road for MONTHS .. Well before the Lock-down.

    If SCC are keeping their people working as appears from the pictures above – for goodness sake get them doing it properly

  2. Just take a look at Central Farnham at the junction between The Borough and South Street. The road surface has been worn down several levels and the metal railings around the pavements are bent over almost double!
    What does Frank Apicella, Surrey’s Area Highways Manager say to the windbags at the Local Committee? “I don’t have any budget”
    Woah there Frank, Highways has the third largest budget at SCC, an eye watering £169 million. So what does Queen Victoria’s Local Committee actually do, (apart from waffling amongst themselves) to get a slice of this pot?

    1. The Waverley Web has taken up valuable time watching the local Highway Committee – why we do not know? Would have been more productive tinkering with the car, or whistling into the wind. Because that is exactly what Queen Vic and Apicella do most of the time.

      Members sit there listening to the waffle and make suggestion for road/pavement improvements and Mr Apicella, backed up by Queen Vic tell everyone why nothing can be done. It takes developers’ money tucks into the bank and then doesd nothing with it? It is a scandal and developers should be asking for their money back. Under 106 Agreements, if the money was not used in a certain time-frame it should be returned. Why Oh why is there no accountability?

      Could the £169 million be filling another hole – we wonder? The great big black hole that is getting bigger and deeper by the minute due to lack of judgement of Surrey’s multi-million pound retail investment portfolio.

      Look no further than Blightwells which is a blight on Farnham, and on both the former Tory administration at Waverley and the existing administration at Surrey.

  3. Well Obviously they are enjoying their 10K Bonus for working from home….. When the likes of us Self Employed Peeps get that little cost deducted from any payout we MAY eventually get from this Government as we will only get it based on our Profits – because it doesn’t cost US anything to work from home does it??

    They must be saving a bucket load by not having to keep the Recycling Centres open, School Buses, Libraries, Council Meetings and their associated costs etc….

    Sorry Covid-19 RANT!!

  4. Don’t worry – we are all entitled to a Covid-19 Rant, because exactly the same inefficiencies that are ocurring at the county council are happening in NHS procurement, which is a national disgrace.

    Can anyone out there explain -WHY – the Government, and the so-called experts didn’t realise that the elderly, particularly those confined in nursing homes, weren’t vulnerable? It beggars belief.

    What did Winston Churchill say? A National that forgets its elderly – has no future?

  5. I couldn’t agree more – I am just glad that my wonderful Father passed away in Hospital just before this wretched Lock down started at least he didn’t have to suffer this – But so many elderly folk do – As you say it beggars belief that they didn’t think about those vulnerable people in Nursing and Care Homes………

    Or did they??? But thought the Priority was Elsewhere? After all most of those in Nursing or Care homes are closer to the Pearly Gates… It just makes you think……..

  6. Its even worse that that…..Covid-19 infected patients arriving through the front doors of our hospitals, whilst elderly bed-blockers being hastily shipped out the back door.
    Where to? yes into the care homes. Were they tested for Covid-19 first?

    1. You simply couldn’t make it up! Our parents and our grandparents are dying before our eyes and we all feel helpless. It is gutwrenchingly sad, and this terrible sadness is turning into anger.

      We heard from one of our Autralian followers to-day, revealing their lockdown is continuing despite there being only 84 deaths in the whole of Australia. No flights, no travelling across borders, and the PM has told Virgin – no bail-out and get lost.

      All healthcare, including tests and investigations continuing as usual, but no visiting.

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