The Waverley Web is calling for another round of applause – this time for the army of volunteers in ‘Our Waverley.’


From Elstead to Ewhurst and Bramley to The Bourne a steadily growing army of volunteers are mobilising and are marching into towns and villages across the borough of Waverley. Some, particularly in the smaller villages, lept into action within days the lock-down being called, others taking just a little longer.

 Often with military precision, those essentials like milk, bread, and prescriptions, were on their way to the housebound. Not only to those tagged as ‘the frail vulnerable elderly,’ a label they want to shake off quicker than the Coronavirus – but for many younger vulnerable people with various health conditions, asthma, lung conditions and diabetes.

In some towns and villages, the campaign is being led by church groups, in others by those stalwarts in the town and parish councils.

No time to stop and smell the coffee for these champions of our streets. In fact, it may not be too long before even that will become a luxury with prices in Brazil close to record levels – nearing £85 per 60kg bag!

With day centres shut for ordinary business, Meals on Wheels are being rolled out by hardworking Waverley staff and volunteers through regional day centres in the major districts.

Local clubs and organisation have been doing their bit too – and in Cranleigh, the parish council has mustered over 100 volunteers – calling them ‘Street Champions’ saying the response to its call for help has been tremendously encouraging, with more volunteers welcome.

We have received numerous uplifting stories from the village that boasts the motto  ‘Cranleigh Cares.’ This morning Waverley Executive member Liz Townsend was on BBC Surrey extolling the virtues of ‘Your Waverley’s’ efforts to serve its residents.

Here goes Liz The Biz: on BBC Radio Surrey.

It has not been sitting idly by, despite the offices being closed to the public. It is acutely aware many of its residents and businesses have been seriously affected by the coronavirus and is working tirelessly to provide support in whatever way it can. 

It has been mobilising its staff to ensure its 123,000  residents and businesses are thrown a comfort blanket – through either financial help with rates, rents and general services. One very useful tool in ‘Your Waverley’s COVID-19 toolbox is the introduction of the ‘Stay at Home Directory search. Log onto the Waverley Borough Council website and add your particular town or village and at a glance, you will see which businesses and services are still at work in your area.

‘Stay at home’ directory search

Search the directory.  Whether you want a paper delivered or fancy an Indian takeaway or Fish and Chips – it will be delivered to your door.

And if it all gets too much for you Bramley residents have their own way of combating stress.

They are participating in a collective, constructive, and hopefully uplifting exchange. It’s a one-time thing and they say they hope residents will want to join in.

Please send a poem to the person whose name is in position 1 below (even if you don’t know them), with the email subject Poem Exchange. It should be a favourite text/verse/meditation that has affected you in difficult times. Or not. Don’t agonize over it. If you’d like to send a poem in your own language and provide a translation, please do so!

  1. Ann Sylge
  2. Mary Hainline

After you’ve sent the short poem/verse/quote/etc. to the person in position 1, and only that person, copy this letter into a new email. Move my name to position 1, and put your name in position 2. Only my name and your name should show in the new email. Send it to 20ish friends BCC (blind copy).
Seldom does anyone drop out because we all need new pleasures? The turnaround is fast, as there are only two names on the list, and you only have to do it once.

Stay safe and well.

2 thoughts on “The Waverley Web is calling for another round of applause – this time for the army of volunteers in ‘Our Waverley.’”

  1. The Stay at Home directory sounds like a great idea until you actually take a closer look. If you live in Godalming or Haselmere you can choose from hundreds of companies from Tree Surgery to Pet Grooming! and yes plenty of food outlets and pharmacies as well.
    BUT poor old Farnham, the largest town in the Borough has only three outlets listed and one of them is offering remote hypnotherapy!
    Sounds like Your Waverley in their eagerness to generate positive PR, has jumped the gun. Surely someone at Waverley should have checked the content first. As always the devil is in the detail. So come on Waverley, get on the blower to you mates at Farnham Town Council and get it sorted!

  2. It is a great idea, and we understand the Directory is still in the making and is being increased day by day. However, perhaps Farnham businesses either do not know about the directory or, cannot join as they cannot provide a service. But yes, Farnham councillors get on the blower and find out who IS providing services to us here in Farnham.

    One of our lot is having withdrawal symptom from missing Kung Po Chicken!

    Perhaps everyone should be reading the Waverley Web? Just a thought?

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