Giving credit where credit is due – full marks to Surrey County Council.

At last – it intends to build homes fit for the future for older people.

SCC has earmarked three sites it owns in Surrey. – The WW wonders, will similar development follow at a former nursing home in Cranleigh – now derelict?

Residents of Farnham who campaigned against its closure in 2016 fumed when they learned that the SCC Cobgates Care home in Farnham was earmarked for 60 new homes. Despite a promise from the council that it would remain part of its social care portfolio!

Tory-controlled Farnham Town Council proposed seven potential new housing sites to meet a 450-dwelling shortfall in its Neighbourhood Plan – one of which was Cobgates  in Falkner Road.

Surrey County Council (SCC) remains the owner of Cobgates, having closed the home together with five others across the county in 2016, and has itself promoted the site for housing after deeming it “unsuitable for future care use.”

 However, another county council site Longfields in Cranleigh is still in its ownership though the site has remains derelict, un-used and vandalised and a cost to the ratepayer for security.

Five ways that new extra care housing are fit for the future

New extra care housing for Surrey will boast an array of technology and design features to help older people live independently in their own homes. Design blueprints are being drawn up for new housing that the council will provide to enable residents to enjoy privacy and independence, with their own front door and the comfort of knowing that care is close at hand. A mix of approaches is being considered for providing the new homes, including the county council freeing up sites on its own land and striking deals with providers for units in private specialist developments.

The county council is committed to creating up to 725 new homes in extra care housing schemes by 2028, with the first three sites already identified as reported in Surrey News.

These are at

*Former Pond Meadow School, Pond Meadow, Guildford

*Former Pinehurst Resource Centre, Park Road, Camberley

*Former Brockhurst Care Home, Brox Road, Ottershaw

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 12.17.32.png

The new housing, and care and support delivered on the new sites elsewhere in Surrey , will be designed to:

  1. Enable residents to lead as active and independent lives as their health allows, with social spaces and a range of useful facilities
  2. Be outward facing, providing a link between the scheme and the outside world through opening up some facilities to the local community
  3. Encourage people to be as independent as possible with logical dementia-friendly layouts in both individual apartments and the wider building
  4. Promote independence among people with a range of needs, including sight and hearing difficulties, and adapt to increasing frailty
  5. Accommodate a range of smart technology and innovations which could include voice-activated devices and self-care apps

Sinead Mooney, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adults and Public Health, said: “This new housing – and the care it will offer – will support our approach of focusing on what our residents can do rather than on what they can’t. It’s all contributing towards our Community Vision for 2030 which prioritises people living healthy, active and fulfilling lives.”

2 thoughts on “Giving credit where credit is due – full marks to Surrey County Council.”

  1. It’s a disgrace that Longfields in Cranleigh was closed down and left to go derelict.
    It is costing Surrey County Council £1000’s to leave it as it is.
    The building could of been updated to bring it up to current standards and provided care for our elderly residents.
    Failing that, the CVHT could of purchased it for their “Private Care Home” instead of the monstrosity they want to build in Knowle Lane.

    As always they put money before people.

  2. Well said Andy – perhaps if your Surrey County Councillor and your new MP are listening – they will follow your advice and set something in motion. Don’t hold out too much hope for the CVHT listening to anyone though, do you?

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