Former councillor turned hustler has prompted the Waverley Web to stick our nose into the stuff of other borough’s lives.

Is it any wonder that former Guildford Borough Councillor’s Offer of ‘handover advice’ on centre planning has been rebuffed?

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 19.44.34.pngFormer senior Tory Guildford Borough councillor says his offer off advice on future town-centre planning has been rebuffed by the new Lib Dem. leadership. Quelle surprise!

He prides himself on his expertise on all things planning, liaising with developers on the regeneration of North Street.

However, the WW wonders would he be listing as another of his  skills harassing old ladies?

Old ladies of 91 years of age, being hustled by a serial hustler, out of the home where she has lived quietly and happily for the past 40 years? That is until Mr Davis started to harass her – and doorstep her brother.

Our message, and that of her family to former Cllr Davis, is – lay off old ladies, who are thwarting your bid to make yourself and your other friendly developer scumbags even richer!

You may have at first, appeared quite innocent when you visited the old lady who lives on the crossroads at the back of Guildford Station.

Now, were you to stand on the parade of shops in Madrid Road with the White Barnes Carpet and the Photo Copy Shop and  Pharmacy and look across  the road, you will spot an end of terrace house side on to the main road with a garage. The pad that Mr Davis has his beady eye on!

But then you know the place quite well, don’t you  Mr Davis?  Because you have been dropping letter through her door quite regular haven’t you? 

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 17.01.05.png

Your persistence is legendary. ‘If you won’t sell the property, sell me the garage, or better still let me lease the property from you Mrs X, because I need it for my development aspirations – because of course I have a cunning plan. A run-down end of terrace could hold the vital key to?’ What do you reckon readers?

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 17.02.56.png

A hidden gold mine or vein of oil under that garage? What makes it so sought after that it has triggered a series of unexplained events and visits since mid 2019?

Naturally – so enthusiastic was he too bag the old lady’s pad hat he forgot to mention his  councillor status or that he seems to have a stake in nearly every future development location going in the Guildford area.

However our investigations do not reveal anything in the Council’s Development Plan document in the area you have your eye on Mr Davis, so you know something, we don’t know and something Mrs X doesn’t know?  Most likely all his mates in the Guildford 100 Club – of which he is the founder – know too?

So lay off the old widow woman Mr Davis. Keep your money, and stop harassing her – because she knows – and we know – your game. A game that now many others will recognise for what it is – your evil pursuit of making another quick buck.

As for your former colleague Cllr Reeve, who has turned down your offer of help – reported in the amazing Guildford Dragon. ‘

How wise they are, how wise they be – they are most certainly too wise for thee.

So is this property part of something big for Cllr Davis and his cronies. A cunning plan they have hatched    to plant their stakes in the ground before any permissions or proposals are submitted thereby as you say, avoiding the inevitable value hikes.

Our gut feeling thanks to his desperation is that something substantial is being planned for that area past the Guildford Park Road development possibly revolving around the main road? –  But seeing how he bought the Addison Glass Works long before the Walnut Tree Close development makes us wonder.

So listen here former Cllr Davis. Neither the old widow or her family are interested in your offer/s/s/s ad nauseam. So do her and her family a favour. Shove your money where a monkey stuffs its nuts – and go and find someone else to haunt! And we hope have helped to wipe that sleazy smile off your face… even only for a moment or two.

Here’s the article from the Guildford Dragon.

Geoff Davis, in a letter to The Guildford Dragon NEWS, refers to the Dragoninterview with Jan Harwood, the new lead councillor for planning, and his own work in the previous administration, liaising with developers on the regeneration of North Street. Mr Davis said he fears the work will not be “furthered properly”.

The former councillor, a chartered surveyor with decades of experience of Guildford property-dealing, lost his Holy Trinity seat in the May council election. Shortly before, he was interviewed about North Street regeneration along with Caroline Reeves (Lib Dem, Friary & St Nicolas) and John Rigg, now a Residents for Guildford and Villages (R4GV) councillor with responsibility for town-centre master-planning.

Cllr Reeves, the new GBC leader, said she had thanked him for his offer of help.

Geoff Davis letter in full:

I have read the letter from David Carter and agree with much of what is being said.

Dragon editor Martin Giles’s interview with Cllr Jan Harwood was illuminating and well-timed, on such an important subject for our borough. I have not yet met Cllr Harwood, but he came across as a decent, intelligent person, coming up to speed quickly.

The point on him seeking support from the many property professionals in our community without charge made me smile. After the election, I did offer handover property support to the new leader, Cllr Reeves, but she refused.

I had been working hard as leadcouncillor on North Street particularly,and was worried that the good work would not be furthered properly after the election. When a councillor, I had jostled successfully to get North Street resurfaced, demolitions completed on the M&G land, and held detailed discussions with the Berkeley company.

There had been stagnation for some 20 years, and I wanted to get that conundrum finally unlocked (see the North Street interview before the election by The Dragon, with Cllr Reeves, John Rigg and myself).

I knew Cllr Reeves well; we had spent many years together on several council committees, including the Property Review Group, the Local Plan panel, and many others. I offered my professional expertise and experience as a chartered surveyor (FRICS) with 55 years in practice, 45 in Guildford, also with a Masters degree in Planning and Development.

Cllr Reeves declined, which I found out of character, and she said she would leave my offer of a proper handover “on file”. It cannot be in the interests of proper management of the town, for there to be no handover to consolidate the achievements and continue the progress made.

This worries me. It suggests a drift back into further stagnation under the Lib Dem approach, leaving the centre of the town in continuing limbo.

The good news, of course, is that Mr Rigg, now a councillor, has full council support for a redrafted town-centre master-plan.

No doubt the new GVG road across the railway will figure large in that, despite the massive costs, as well as large areas of blight, particularly around Guildford Park Road.

I have much professional regard for Cllr Rigg as a fellow chartered surveyor. He had a very successful West End international career. I am hoping Cllr Reeves will avail herself of his property expertise if my offer is to be left in the filing cabinet.

Mr Carter also recommends that Cllr Harwood should avail himself of advice from another well-respected chartered surveyor, Julian Lyon. He may not realise that Mr Lyon would be conflicted as a Savills director, especially during Local Plan JR challenges, Savills being agents for the site promoter at Wisley.

He then addresses the interview content on the astonishing Lib Dems manifesto undertaking to create a significant supply of council housing in a relatively short period. Editor Giles let him off lightly, and I suggest a follow-up interview on that subject specifically, because it was so fundamental.

Developers are not charities, and Cllr Harwood sadly seemed naive; maybe he hasn’t met many housebuilders?

The only way the Lib Dem commitment can be honoured would be on council-owned land, and subsidised by significant sums of money (potentially hundreds of millions of pounds) at ratepayers’ expense.

Do the Guildford ratepayers agree with such an approach?

Council leader Reeves responded:

Geoff Davis did indeed offer his words of wisdom, for which I thanked him. I have spent much time talking to officers at Millmead, re-reading various documents such as the Allies & Morrison master-plan and talking to numerous people who are also keen to share their ideas and visions.

We agreed at the last full council meeting to revisit the town-centre master-plan. We are very lucky that the previous schemes were not built out; we would be faced with even more retail challenges if they had. We will come forward with proposals viable for the much-changed town-centre scene we now have.

This administration will produce a plan for the town-centre that will work alongside our adopted Local Plan. It will start with a key consultation with all the stakeholders, campaign groups, formal residents’ groups, businesses and, indeed, the people for whom the town is essential to their way of life.

A plan won’t happen overnight but it will happen. There’s no stagnation, the shutters are not down, it’s not business as usual, it’s business in a constructive way to move things forward. The bottom line is we all want what is best for the town, and there are many different ways of achieving that.

‘Well done Cllr Reeves.’ ‘Perhaps your way of achieving things is a little different than that of your former colleague. Waverley Web

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