Oh dear! What can the matter be?

Apologies to our followers for the earlier blip! So discombobulated by events, we fell off our web!


Cranleigh’s new Health Trust bogged down in the Lavatory? 

It can beg to meet the parish council in private from now until Saturday – but nobody’s going to be there?

So, back to the future, CVHT style, the atmosphere in the Cranleigh Parish Council chamber was fizzing when a delegation from the newly modelled CVHT turned up at the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting last night (Thursday), after it heard that the private meeting it wanted had got stuck in the U-bend?

Even the Mayor of Waverley – Mary Foryszewski, turned out to hear the exciting news that the charity was expected to impart. Wow! Waverley’s Leader Paul Follows shlepped over from Godalming too, so eager was he to hear at first hand, the cunning plan.

Oh dear! What a dreadful disappointment! The council, members of the public, which included the ‘Batty One,’ Robin Fawkner-Corbett, fresh from foreign parts, Andy CranLeahy fresh from announcing his resignation- to spend more time with his development projects? Brian Cheesman, former parish councillor who loved secret meetings, and CVHT treasurer, John Bainbridge – father of Daniel. Pictured below, Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.15.17their new cunning plan?

But instead of FLASH!  BANG!  WALLOP! It was a damp squib.  Oh dear! What a disappointment!

The Parish Council and members of the public had all rocked up for the big reveal and what did they get?

Steam emanating from every orifice, Father of Daniel proceeded to read  a childish statement that would have done Jeremy Corbyn at his vacuous best, credit.  We paraphrase but the upshot was If the Parish Council won’t meet us in private so we can outline our cunning new ploy and talk you round to our way of thinking, before the public get wind of it, we’re not playing.  Yah!  Boo!  Sucks!  My dad’s bigger than your dad!

The hapless Trustees are also well aware that residents now have to get in a very long queue if they want the Charity Commissioners to investigate the so-called Charity’s 20 year career of not doing what it said on the tin! After hearing that the parish council had a red line over which it would not cross for CVHT or any other developer for that matter, and as a public body meeting in secret was where it will not go. Up they got: ‘BB’ and the gang walked out!

No better way of doing things when you are in heavy duty dog doo, than turning the public’s attention back onto the parish council in the big hospital blame game? Because CVHT past and present, has been in Poo Park, ever since its planning application was dumped by Waverley planners last year. 

So now just get on with your new toxic project to build an 80 bed private care home with 20 community beds –  after throwing out the residential block, give the £1m lease money to your new partners? Cranleigh League of Friends? And, let the CPC stew for the terrible mistake it made in handing over parish land for £1 – and learn a valuable lesson. Never should it trust a charity again with a public asset?

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 12.24.02.png

Where have they been?  Do they not realise the Parish Council has moved on from the days of the late unlamted Brian, when meetings were held and decisions taken in the Chairman’s private parlour – otherwise know as his wife’s lounge!  Post Brian in this new WOKE (Waverley’s Open ??) age, private meetings, behind closed doors and floral curtains just don’t happen anymore!

Of course in the Dinosaur age of Cllrs Brian Ellis and Mary Forysweski – developers could regularly meet up in smoke-filled rooms and ruminate about their cunning development plans. Even change the odd covenant, or objects to make them fit their aims? However, now councils, following the Nolan Enquiry must obey rules –  the –

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 11.49.32.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 11.33.58.png

Our advice to the organisation formerly known as CVHT and now known as CVHT: forget your development ambitions and give whatever monies can be salvaged from this scandal-ridden scheme to the League of Friends so it can be used for the good of the people who raised it.  And return to the Parish Council, for the use of the residents of Cranleigh, the land that Councillors Ellis and Cheesman shamelessly handed over for a measley £1!

Is Wife​ of Brian being supported by Son of Bainbridge?

Roll up for the new – Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest cunning plan?



5 thoughts on “Oh dear! What can the matter be?”

  1. Surely, people are now seeing this charity for what it is – a club for cronies to financially scratch each other’s backs. You can bet your life professional friends of trustees have benefited financially in the past with their professional services being used during the last 20 years with this long, drawn out, project. Hearing about all the private meetings that took place between the old CPC and CVHT representatives, with the public, whose money they were happily splashing out to their mates, kept entirely ignorant of what was really going on behind closed doors, this charity needs to be dissolved immediately before it turns into an HS2 copycat. It is now clear the Cranfold area are not going to get 20 hospital beds and we do NOT need another private nursing home, particularly as the Knowle Park Nursing Home which is 100 yards up the road are putting in planning for a substantial number of extra rooms.

  2. Firstly may we apologise for the little blip when we posted this morning. Lesson No 1 – do not try and write a post when it is standing room only on the train … again!

    Yes, we agree with your every word. A Club for Cronies it most certainly is and always was.

    We want to hear from some of those silent Trustees – at the last count 14 of them who resigned? Why did they leave – and why have Arch enemy No 1 the Flying Dutchman and his developer friend ‘Cranleahy’ now thrown in the towel. Perhaps now they have achieved what they really wanted all along? Over 270 new homes on the lettuce plantation? More developments in the pipeline, so we hear, but so far, no new homes!

    So why isn’t the Cranleigh Parish Council, backed by Cranfold villagers, demanding its land back? That is a fight worth buying front row seats for?

  3. How many years will it take to convince these so called do gooders (CVHT) that its over. Even Nick Vrijland and Andrew Leahey know the game is up they have, or are resigning. No money to be made now so they are off.

    The big question is where is the villagers money and what about our land?????

    My plea to you so called by many as the ‘MAFIA’ (CVHT) is to return our land and money to the Parish Council to enable it to do with what the people of Cranleigh want.

  4. No doubt there will be a planning application winging its way to Waverley at any time soon? However, they may reduce the size of the development, but it remains what it is – a Private ‘for profit’ Care Home on what was once publicly owned land, and 20 continuing care beds for Surrey County Council.

    It remains to be seen whether Cranleigh League of Friends wants to enter CVHT’s toxic swamp and accept the Care Home lease monies? We har that it is doubtful it will want to be tainted. If anyone should receive the money – it is villagers, through the parish council who sold the land for £1.

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