‘Your Waverley’s’ Sale of the Century gets lift-off?


Was ‘Your Waverley’ reading the Waverley Web a couple of days ago – reading our predictions for 2020?

Godalming Town Council off to pastures new in 2020?

No – of course, it wasn’t – but we did hit the nail right on the head with our predictions because next week the Council’s EXECUTIVE – the engine that drives council business – will propose a massive land and property sell-off – to stave off bankruptcy.

Here’s the cunning plan to be considered next Tuesday. All the sites outlined in red are owned by either ‘Your Waverley’ or Surrey County Council.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 21.38.25.png

Here it is folks a £40,000 Options Appraisal of Waverley’s land and buildings proposed.

A previous costly appraisal carried out at huge expense a while back by the previous administration was put on ice, and the Tories did nothing.

 Now the new Rainbow Administration is going in all guns blazing in a bid to replenish the borough’s dwindling coffers, by making better use of its assets.

Year on year Governement cuts has had a damaging impact on Waverley’s finances. The recent revelation that a major Farnham development will not now produce the benefits the Tories’ predicted, is expected to worsen Waverley’s financial situation.

Next Tuesday the Executive will decide whether to approve the appointment of specialist advisors to produce a further Options Appraisal assessing the investment opportunities of key Waverley and Surrey owned sites in Godalming, and to request the Executive that budget is allocated from the Property Investment budget.

  1. Recommendation. it is recommended that the Executive approve the use of up to £40K for the completion of the Options Appraisal.
  2. Reason for the recommendation A previous outline Options Appraisal on the key sites indicated a significant return could be generated and a major improvement to customer experience can be achieved by developing the sites sympathetically. Such a return on investment would support the projected budget shortfall in the future.


4 thoughts on “‘Your Waverley’s’ Sale of the Century gets lift-off?”

  1. I don’t see anything that justifies the headline “Sale of the Century” In fact on examining the Council’s papers for next week’s Executive meeting, I don’t see any reference to selling anything at all, but investing. Have I missed something?

  2. Let’s wait and see – but there is little doubt in our minds that the Appraisal means development and development means either selling off, leasing land or perhaps ‘Your Waverley’ forming its own building company and turns developer. In other words, if you can’t beat them – join them?

  3. John Wright-Smith is spot on! The previous executive were always aware of the importance of ‘investing to save’. I am shocked but not surprised it’s taken nearly seven months to decide to discuss this item, all the current executive should have been on the case from day one!

  4. So why didn’t your administration get on with it then Mr Edwards? You had more than a decade to ‘invest and save’. So why are you so shocked it has taken the new boys all of seven whole months!

    You commissioned an Options Appraisal – why didn’t you act upon it? perhaps for the very same reason you postponed Local Plan Part 2.Because sometimes making tough decisions doesn’t necessarily suit everyone – particularly before an election?

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