Halleluiah Your Waverley takes action – at last – to bring truly “affordable housing” to the borough.

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 In recent years there has been much talk about bringing more “truly” affordable housing into our borough, but very little evidence of this actually being achieved.

We should point out that the Government’s definition of “affordable housing” is 80% of the market rate – in other words just 20% cheaper than normal.  So is not actually affordable for your average Doug and Doris.

Since the arrival at ‘Your Waverley’ of the  Rainbow Alliance in May 2019 much work has been going on behind the scenes by the new administration on an entirely new housing strategy. To, ensure, at last, that new homes are genuinely affordable for local people.

 At a recent central planning committee, it saw the results of work which has been going on behind the scenes over the Summer.

It will deliver 7 out of 9 properties at…

Orchard Farm, Wormley Lane, Hambledon

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Full marks to the new boys, and girls on the Waverley Block. A feather in the caps of Leader John Ward and his deputy Paul Follows.  They don’t just talk about improving the lives of Waverley residents – they are actually doing it!

But just like Oliver Twist… We want more?



6 thoughts on “Halleluiah Your Waverley takes action – at last – to bring truly “affordable housing” to the borough.”

  1. It is great that the affordable is 40% off Market, but I think if you look into the application, there may be more to it, especially with regard to the Main Farmhouse and potential for additional development…. The selling off of the Grazing land etc… Call me a cynic… It is rare to have seen so many objections with the most recent pointing out some pretty salient points…..

    1. You may be right – but each application has to be considered on its merits. If, this application is just a sprat to catch a mackrel then the Waverley Web willbe watching how this pans out.

      We took note of theobjections when members of the public turned up to speak in the public open-time, but it is rare for restrictions to be put on affordale homes to ensure they remain truly affordable in future.

  2. Is this AONB, AGLV or Green Belt land etc… The extra 20% has to be financed somehow perhaps by relaxing planning restrictions on the adjoining site areas?

    1. All of the above! However at this stage only planning to build on previous Hard Standing – But apparently the farm house has extended their perimeter and residents are concerned that that will lead to further development as Garden Land in the countryside IS acceptable for development…

      I’ll be honest I don’t know the area – However the proximity to Grade I and Grade II listed buildings as well as the Gertrude Jekyll over grown gardens is a shame

    2. During your tenure a scheme for almost 300 homes was consented in Waverley, with the minimum so called “affordable.” The further fetch was a countryside park. As they say in Yorkshire – you get ought for nowt – and this applies to many consented schemes in the borough of Waverley.

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