Is it a triple whammy for – “poor old Cranleigh?”

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We just might be in for a real bun fight?

First Up – is the 80 bed-Private Care Home including 20-community beds – that 270 people have been eagerly awaiting and over 5,000 people have objected to. Villagers have Cllr Patricia Ellis to thank for calling it in after officers decided to refuse the scheme under powers delegated to them. She will no doubt claim that she has been prompted into doing so due to the huge local support for the scheme? Let us all hope that a few declarations of interest are registered? Perhaps even the odd financial detail missing from the report? Ah, well we can live in hopes for some transparency on this toxic development which, thanks to a charity’s duplicity, has divided a once, happy and cohesive community.

Now in an e-mail sent to us by one of its supposed supporters,  guess who the Charity is blaming for the delay of an application which has been languishing at Waverley Towers for a year? Yes, you guessed… YOUR WAVERLEY – which has been dragging its feet!

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Is this Cranleigh’s Brightwells? Because it has a fair few things in common with the shenanigans going on in our town. Using public land; public buildings; public money; the council claims were all being used for the benefit of the community, a community whose 10,000 residents opposed the redevelopment of East Street? Going as far as petitioning HM The Queen to allow our town to declare its Independence from ‘Your Waverley.’  Let us hope Cranleigh gets a better outcome?

Is Wife​ of Brian being supported by Son of Bainbridge?

Following: Along comes a shedload of new homes proposed by Surrey County Council, (91 – probably more when it comes to the details) because unless they can sell the land in order to generate £9m for the site which presently houses a Church of England Middle School and an Infants School just a hop, skip and a jump away – they cannot build replacement new schools on Glebelands School’s playing fields in Parsonage Road. Who needs playing fields anyway when the development gets an all-weather pitch, partially paid for by Berkeley Homes and originally intended for “community use? Why don’t SCC  have enough money, we hear you cry?

Because of its reckless investments in retail development in places such as here in Farnham’s Blightwells Development.

Will ‘Your Waverley’ be shaken and stirred by the shocking revelations on Blightwells?

The Treasury has clamped down on local authority borrowing amidst fears that reckless investments could bankrupt local councils. Borrowing which was hiked up by one percentage point last week. It is now at its highest level for four years. Some claim the move will put many capital projects at risk.

Surrey County Council says the school expansion is necessary and places are badly-needed for the 2,800 homes proposed at Dunsfold Garden village, the existing and expanding populations of Rudgwick, Cranleigh, Ewhurst, Alfold, Dunsfold, Shamley Green and Wonersh for the further two thousand homes consented, some of which are now under construction.

Then follows the new Knowle Park Initiative Country Park.

This will provide leisure space for all the new homes. Almost three hundred of which are being provided for the “people of Cranleigh” by developers and park owners- Nick and Rowena Vrijland – better known as the “Flying Dutchman” because most of the time he flies by the seat of his well-worn developer pants.

The man who says he “wants to give back to the people of Cranleigh” whilst trousering a very nice little windfall for himself, has already built homes on part of the parklands he wants to conserve. WW hopes the planners at Waverley ensure they tie him up in knots on his 106 legal agreements. Including the use of his very-wide bridleway which joins up with his “emergency access” at the other end? Having pulled the wool over the very blind eyes of Waverley Planners in the past many wonders If Knowle Park will become KPI – Phase 3.

So watch this space – it could all be happening for ‘Cranleigh New Town Tonight.’

The meeting starts at 6.30pm.


7 thoughts on “Is it a triple whammy for – “poor old Cranleigh?””

  1. CVHT have even employed Westminster PR Agency, PLMR Snapdragon who also work for Berkeley Homes (the same company that’s called a halt to the Woolmead Development in Farnham) to bombard Members of the Joint Planning Committee by post and email, to ask them to DEFER their decision this evening, to allow for a FAIRER hearing and allow Waverley Officers to provide the Committee with CORRECT information rather than the INACCURATE information provided for this evenings meeting.
    Their Blurb even states that the project has received a great number of supportive comments on the planning portal.

  2. Desparate measures or what? Now why would this Charity believe it will not get a fair hearing? And why would Waverley Planners need to Correct informatiion on a scheme which has been going on for the past year? Surely, by now it can come forward with the facts.

    We have looked very carefully at the letters of support on the planning portal – and so have the residents of the eastern villages.

    Many of the supporters are either Trustees, their families and their pets! Others are from people who actually believed they were going to get what they had been promised. A hospital and a day hospital. Then there are legitimate supporters in favour of anything. We have received a document from a Ewhurst resident in which it states … together with other health services, X-Ray, minor injuries unit and possibly an MRI scanner in the future. All bo*****s.

    This development has become toxic. The Parish Council is against it, 5,000 residents are against it. Many of the donors are dead and cannot object, others have left the area and are living around the country and abroad, and know noting of what is going on.

    All we can say is what many Waverley councillors have said before. “Poor old Cranleigh.`’

  3. How can CVHT use charity money to employ a PR Company for this use, as usual money being spent on the whims of the so called trustees by the trustees.

  4. Obviously good use of YOUR money – the Charity would have you believe.

    Now – according to the Planning Portal – they want the application deferred. Becuse Waverley has treated them unfairly!

    So lots of people shleppin over to The Burys might have to go to the pub instead?

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