Charterhouse hustings welcome two candidates – sadly the Labour bloke was working.


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The school enjoys a lively debate with Jeremy Hunt and Paul Follows

Charterhouse was delighted to welcome South West Surrey’s incumbent MP, Jeremy Hunt (Conservative) and Paul Follows (Liberal Democrats) for the School’s first hustings event.

Both candidates took time out of their busy campaign schedules to attend the hustings and present their policies to our pupils. Sadly, the Labour candidate for South West Surrey was unable to attend, but we look forward to welcoming him for future events. The event was well-attended by pupils and teachers alike who commented that it had been a highlight of their year so far.

Deputy Head Boy and A Level Politics pupil, Oba Agboola welcomed the candidates to the school to enormous cheers from the crowd. The event was chaired by A-Level Politics pupils, Gabriel Brown and Anthony Gosnell, and Year 10 pupil, Shiv Pillai. They all did a fantastic job, asking the candidates questions which had been submitted in advance by pupils and staff and then leading audience questions in response. What an incredible accomplishment!

Hard-hitting questions put to the candidates ranged from the UK’s approach to Brexit and whether trust in UK politics was irreparably eroded in light of recent events. Both candidates answered the questions in an informative, professional and dynamic way, and the audience left with many issues to reflect upon.

Charterhouse wishes the candidates the best of luck as they continue their election campaigns.






9 thoughts on “Charterhouse hustings welcome two candidates – sadly the Labour bloke was working.

  1. I see from the Postal Ballot Paper that J Hunt doesn’t live in his constituency and more but in Central London. But he needs to now that he’s an Entrepreneur !

  2. Perhaps Jeremy Hunt has moved out of the consistuency, now that Markwick Lane is to be ‘widened’ to make way for the extra traffic expected from development at Dunsfold across Hascombe Hills on their way to the station at Milford? Just a thought.

  3. In the interests of balance and democracy, I am assuming that following this hustings, Charterhouse will now invite Jeremy Corbyn to represent Labour? Where is Labour in this hustings?

  4. Sorry Hazard we have not heard from the Labour Group. However, we have seen some very impressive Labour booklets, all individually personalised to the towns and villages in Waverley. Clear, easy to read, and targeting local issues too.

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