Veolia Out…Biffa In – as a new refuse service​ soon to arrive in Waverley.

One of the last major decisions made by the Conservative Administration was to change suppliers of the borough’s waste collection system.


Goes Veolia, which has its own recycling centre, and a waste collection depot on the A31 between Alton & Winchester.


Comes Biffa – which will be transporting general waste to the Slyfield Depot on the Woking Road in Guildford and recycling to Camberley in the Surrey Heath district. Food Waste will be collected separately.

The new service is expected to save ‘Your Waverley,’ £50,000 per year.

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Here’s a Message from Waverley’s Deputy ~Leader ~Paul Follows: ON CHANGES TO WASTE COLLECTION ARRANGEMENTS

As many residents will now be aware, there are some changes to local waste collection arrangements in Waverley and so I wanted to take this opportunity to get the details out.



Your bins will be emptied by Biffa ‪from 4 November 2019‬.

The change has been made to improve the way we collect your waste, increase recycling levels and provide the most cost-effective solution.


Biffa will collect your bins for the first time ‪from 4 November 2019‬.


Initially, your bin collection day won’t change – rubbish and recycling collections will continue every other week and food waste collections weekly.

Collections may change from February 2020.

We will let you know of any changes in advance.


Your food and waste will be collected separately.

This means your food waste caddy may be emptied at a different time to your rubbish or recycling bin.

This will reduce journeys to tipping points and help reduce vehicle pollution.

Please put out your bins by ‪6am‬ as collections will be starting earlier.


From Spring 2020, we will also collect textiles and small electrical goods for recycling.
In the meantime, you can recycle these items at recycling sites around the borough.


Yes, you can still check your bin collection day online.‬

You should be receiving a leaflet on this any day now, and the next ‘Your Waverley’ magazine will repeat the information for anyone that missed it. Happy also to take questions or comments myself on here or at

10 thoughts on “Veolia Out…Biffa In – as a new refuse service​ soon to arrive in Waverley.”

  1. Yup got our flyer and looked on-line – Nothing too drastic! Always put our bins out on Sunday night anyway so no issue with earlier pickups. In fact would welcome them coming earlier so they are not blocking the roads in Bramley on a Tuesday morning! but what else do they intend to do in the future? My real concern is the lack of Local facilities for taking larger items that are not recyclable such as:

    Black bag waste
    Hard plastics
    Hazardous waste e.g garden chemicals and paint
    Wood and timber
    Hard-core, rubble and soil
    Roofing felt

    I do not think that Witley – is LOCAL nor is it good for Climate change if we have to do a 20 Mile round trip to dispose of these items.

    We put an old – but clean Water Butt next to our bin on Monday to see if Veolia would take it with the General Waste – But no – so we will have to chop it up and put it in our Black bin over time.

    A couple of Months ago there was a pile of Rubbish dumped in the Car park at Sidney Woods and I often see bags of rubbish on the A281 – so SCC cannot say there not been an increase in fly-tipping – it is probably just not recorded

  2. Fly-tipping is regularly reported to Surrey County Council – and often nothing is done about it. However, we believe some of the fly tipping is on privately owned land – so it is left to landowners to pick up the tab.

    Sending people to Witley and beyond is bound to lead to problems – Simples.

  3. I do understand that Councils have to reduce costs – But when it comes at the expense of Climate change issues and Child & Adult Social Care then something needs to change. Boris has found a New Money Tree and SCC and WBC have to go and pick a few branches!

  4. That may be so but then why do SCC justify reducing the CRC in Cranleigh to 3 days a week – Recycling ONLY and have stated there has been no increase in Fly-Tipping?? when quite obviously there has been.

    Many of us spot the stuff when we are on the way to work, and to be quite honest by the time you have driven to London – I have lost the will to live – let alone post on the SCC website which requires all sorts of information as to who owns the land etc – that I wouldn’t know – nor the damn postcode! Really??

  5. There is considerable angst among residents of the eastern villages we understand. Many are being turned away with items that under normal circumstances would have been accepted.

    So where do all those items that Denise Wordworth mentioned have to go now?

    We have also looked at the flytipping website which is quite ridiculous. How are passers-by supposed to know who owns the land and what the postcode is. Or does everyone have to start policing the borough?

  6. Thank you WW – I am P***d off with having to explain where the stuff is – It is not MY JOB to bally police this – But we all know it is going on as do SCC – They are LYING and making out that we need to do more – Why because they cannot be bothered to do it themselves

  7. WW agrees. We are getting more and more e-mails and messages from residents who are being turned away from the recycling centres in yor area. Some are baffled, claiming it is no wonder people are fly-tipping in anger.

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