A new highway through the Surrey Hills has been thrown out by highway experts.

Bramley’s By-Pass Byham’s long-held ambition thwarted yet again?

Queen Victoria’s, face was like a summons when as Chairman of the Waverley/Surrey County Council highways partnership she pronounced that there would be …

… no new road between Waverley’s  eastern villages and the A3.

Prompted by the huge amount of development already under-way, and that proposed in Milford, Cranleigh, Ewhurst, Alfold and a new garden village at Dunsfold, a feasibility study has been carried out by county highways. The study supported by the Waverley Highway Committee.

It has taken years to get the highwaymen to even consider by-passing Guildford from the east of the borough of Waverley. But just a couple of months to kick out a suggested road across areas of outstanding natural beauty and great landscape value.

So hey ho and off they all go down the A.281 from Horsham to Guildford for another couple of decades?

However, the WW doesn’t suppose having a wannabe Prime Minister – in waiting – on the route helped overmuch? Although rumour has it that our MP has recently moved out? Perhaps it was all that talk about shutting the Cranleigh dump and sending everyone with their truck-loads of detritus down Markwick Lane on their way to Super Dump at Witley, what did it for Jeremy & Co? 

However, Queen Victoria, (Young) that is, said she thought everyone at the meeting would be interested to hear her sovereign, sorry chairman’s, announcement..!

In her usual regal tones, she said she had a letter from the Deputy Leader of Surrey County Council Colin Kemp following the request for a new road from the A281 at Dunsfold to meet the A3 at Milford. 

In his letter to the committee, he said he had read a lot of paperwork to get a good understanding of the issue, – (well that’s comforting) – but due to the environmental and other concerns, and the impact a relief road would have on the local area, it will not be pursued any further. He said – “the impact will be far too great.”

The original request came from the Guildford Society to allow commuters to reach a new ‘Milford Parkway‘ station and relieve mounting congestion in Bramley/Shalford/Guildford. Although Society Chairman Alistair Smith said he recognised that the 12km scheme was likely to be’ expensive, complex and controversial’ as it would pass through some sensitive countryside, which would need to be treated appropriately.

Now here comes the sting in the tail – for Protect Our Waverley – who waxed lyrical for months about the possibility of Dunsfold Rd, Loxhill, Markwick Lane, and all roads to Milford becoming a Rat Run – and had lots of little rats running all over pictures of the local road network to prove it!?!   Had us all sleeping fitfully at night for months here at the Waverley Web. Spiders yes, rats absolutely NOT!

According to Queen Vic, the county council’s deputy head honcho said –

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.13.59.png

Oh dear, if Hunt’s country pile hasn’t been sold already – perhaps it soon will?


5 thoughts on “A new highway through the Surrey Hills has been thrown out by highway experts.”

  1. Will put this out there now, if I ever get into a position where I can try to reform Surrey and how it works, these local committees would be one of the things I look at first.

    I’ve been to almost every session since I was elected in 2017, though I’ve never been a member of the committee. I’ve spoke or asked at least one formal question at most of them.

    With such little decision making powers actually delegated to it, and only really a lip-service level of discussion of local issues (most are shut down in moments) – it needs to be more meaningful to be worthwhile as a body.

    1. One of the most useless committees we watch. In fact most of the time we don’t even bother.

      Everyone rocks up, giving up their valuable time, to talk about 20/30mph speed limits, and they get the same answers. There isn’t any money or some other excuse.

      The meetings, chaired by Queen Victoria who sits there and says nothing. Isn’t it high time she raised her blood pressure a ittle and showed a little displeasure/interest/concern for something, just anything?

      This talking shop should stop – it is a complete waste of public money.

      Lots of discussions about the Wrecclesham Bridge – an issue that has been going on for as long as we can remember…. and then up shoots Jeremy Hunt to make a video and carrying on about pollution as if he has just noticed it! Stop paying politics and make things happen.

      If Queen Vic was as good as getting some action as she is at shutting debate down, or telling members “to be brief,” our highways might become safer. Rant over.

  2. Well what a surprise… NOT… Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want any more concrete/Tarmac going through our Countryside – But it IS A FACT that this area of the Borough proportionately has taken the biggest Hit on Housing at about 42% (including 2600 for DP) and yet we have the A281 that is going to have to carry all that additional traffic. PINCH POINTS???? I won’t despoil your website with the words I would like to use But I know what I would like to Pinch!

    Yet again – I have just returned from London today….. A3 Fine, Guildford OKish, A281 PANTS! It only takes a cyclist, tractor or even a pedestrian to make this road unfit for purpose.

    One day someone at SCC will realise what a Mess they have made of this part of the Borough, but by then they will no doubt be sitting on their comfy little Nest-Egg Pensions in Marbella

    Appalled of Alfold

  3. And this is where our Money goes………………In Surrey Live this evening.

    Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) chief executive Karen Whelan has been placed on “special leave” while an investigation takes place into her pay. Rumours had been circling on social media that the council boss had been suspended following recent controversy over her annual pay and expense claims. However, the council has confirmed that Ms Whelan is “on a period of leave”.
    It follows a SurreyLive report that the chief executive received a 30% increase in her overall pay packet last year. The £46,000 rise in her income took her overall pay to just shy of £200,000. Her basic salary also swelled in that time, from £118,000 to £158,000, thanks mainly to a £15,000 allowance granted by then-council leader Moira Gibson.
    SHBC attributed the rise in her pay as a recognition of “the additional work and responsibilities being undertaken”, with the payment having been backdated to October 2016.
    A Freedom of Information request revealed earlier this month that the council used more than £400 of taxpayers’ money on Whelan’s overnight stay at the five-star Langham Hotel in Westminster, London, earlier this year.
    The council said that it always tries to balance cost and safety when booking overnight accommodation for its staff. However, it was accused of “leeching off residents” to allow its staff to live “in largesse” by the TaxPayers’ Alliance.
    Paul Deach, experience and digital portfolio holder for SHBC, said: “Members of SHBC Conservative Group have worked with all opposition Groups to appoint an independent investigator to look into the CEO’s special allowance which has recently been in the media.
    “It has been agreed that during the process the CEO will be on ‘special leave’. The independent investigator will report back to the council with their findings ASAP.”
    A statement from the council said: “Surrey Heath Borough Council is aware of speculation on social media that the Chief Executive, Karen Whelan, has been suspended. “We would like to confirm that this is not the case.
    “The Council’s Chief Executive is currently on a period of leave. Any queries regarding the business of the Council should in the first instance be directed to the Council’s interim Deputy Chief Executive, Tim Pashen.”
    The council also received widespread criticism after spending more than £30,000 of taxpayers’ money on ladies toilets and a “private toilet” at its new offices in Camberley, close to Whelan’s office.

  4. We will make a post of this – and we can make a safe bet that her “period of leave” is being handsomely rewarded. It is enough to make us puke!

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