A bit​ like Cranleigh new ‘Hospital’? Out goes the word ‘Hospital’ from the Royal Surrey.

The Royal Surrey is changing its name. 

The Royal Surrey is changing its name from today

The Royal Surrey in Guildford has revealed it has a new corporate identity.

The Trust has decided to change its official name from Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to just Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust.

It started providing adult community health services for Guildford and Waverley in April 2018.

The organisation felt that it was important to recognise the contribution of community staff and reflect that it is now providing more than acute hospital care and bridging the gap between the wards and the community health services.

Louise Stead, Chief Executive said:

“I think the Royal Surrey County Hospital will still be the main site of the Trust.

“But to reflect the fact that over the last eighteen months, we’ve also taken on community services and we’re doing much, much more working in collaboration with GP Federation Pro Care and are really trying to put care back into the community. 

“But having ‘hospital’ in the title seemed to not really describe what we do as a healthcare provider. So, hence the change.”

The Trust says it has a strong focus on trying to get patients back into their homes and ensuring people only come to the hospital when they really need it.

“The word hospital isn’t the prime focus of care and healthcare anymore,” Stead added. 

It is also launching a new website, after close work with patients, to make it easier for them to find essential information very quickly. 

2 thoughts on “A bit​ like Cranleigh new ‘Hospital’? Out goes the word ‘Hospital’ from the Royal Surrey.”

  1. Your guess is as good as ours. But probably like all those other reorganisations, bucketloads of money will be spent, once again – money that could be spent on patient care.

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