Do the residents of Waverley want to see oil and gas exploration given the green light?

Although the letter below is directed at Dunsfold residents if Surrey County Council gives exploration companies permission to start work in the countryside, it could affect much of the Waverley borough and the roads around the site. most of which are rural lanes. Make your concerns known now, before it is too late.

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Dear Dunsfold resident 

As you may be aware two onshore hydrocarbon exploration companies UKOG and IGAS are planning to drill at two different sites very close to our lovely village! We are not talking about ‘nodding donkeys’; if gas or oil is found in commercial amounts it would be the start of heavy industrialisation using large drilling rigs and very large tankers going in and out of the area every day for years to come. 

UKOG itself has said that to be commercially viable it would require ‘back-to-back drilling’ every few miles across the Surrey and Sussex Weald. Our extensive research shows us that UKOG has ignored or underestimated a number of risks the site poses to the local community, some potentially very serious. There is a strong possibility that any gas exposed by drilling will be ‘sour gas’, Hydrogen Sulphide, as found at Godley Bridge (near Chiddingfold) in the 1980’s – this is highly toxic. The quality of our water, air and earth is at risk of pollution. Local roads will suffer daily heavy HGV usage with ensuing safety concerns; UKOG’s proposal will impact our homes, local businesses, rural environment and wildlife. 

But Together we can stop UKOG and IGAS Please visit our website for more information on UKOG’S plans and the processes they will use; it provides valid reasons for objections and will help you submit your objections should you wish to do so. 

Please don’t leave to others, every objection counts! Local opposition has halted oil & gas drilling in places across the UK but we need numbers to make it stop here. 

We ask that you make your objections immediately either via Surrey County Council website or via our website 

There is still time please act before its too late! Parish Councils (Dunsfold, Alfold, Chiddingfold and Witley) and Waverley Borough Council are opposing the application. SCC has recognised there is a Climate Emergency – we believe SCC should take more account of the adverse impacts this application would have on both the climate and local environment if permitted. 

Please help to Protect Dunsfold 

Thank you 

Signed on behalf of Protect Dunsfold 

Sarah Godwin, Von Lindesay, Andrew Wragg, Hazel Taylor-Rosling, Chris Bashall & others in our Working Group Find us at Email Facebook Waverley against Drilling Twitter @WaverleyAD 

Protect Dunsfold is a non-political group ‘run by residents for residents’ based in the village of Dunsfold but with support from the wider Surrey/Sussex area and local/national groups. 


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Will this be sending tremors down the spines of the residents of Waverley’s eastern villages?

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