For the first time – the Waverley Web uses the ‘B’ word.

A couple of quid thrown to local government to deal with, well who knows what might hit them?!


Despite our overwhelming desire to have our say on ‘BREXIT’ as none of us here at the Waverley Web can actually reach a consensus – we have decided to keep SHTUM in the interest of our blood pressure and our mental health! Particularly after yesterday’s announcements.

But with only 65 days to go before B-Day it has come to our notice that ‘Your Waverley’ in common with other local authorities around the country has begun its  preparations for ‘NO DEAL.’
During August the Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council was among other council officials to attend a Government meeting led by its ministers to talk about Brexit and preparations for no deal!
Paul Follows the Lib Dem member for Godalming Central and Ockford has said that as his views are widely known, he will communicate to us all purely what he was told – and not his opinion of it.

In a nutshell a bit of a bombshell? Because here at the Waverley Web sounds to us like we shall be going on a bit of a wing and a prayer?

Cllr Follows tells us that Local government is to receive an extra £20m for no-deal Brexit preparations. But just to be clear that money is divided between the 350 councils in England.

Ultimately that is a drop in the ocean. Below are some of the key points from the call (and remember these are assumptions of the people telling us this is a good thing to be doing…)

  • There is an assumption by the Government of financial hardship;
  • – There is an assumption by the Government of severe disruption to trade (particularly in the agricultural sector).
  • There is also an assumption by the Government of disruption to businesses (particularly those businesses of small and medium-size.
  • – There is an assumption of an economic shock.

Although ‘opportunities’ arising from Brexit were discussed as a concept – the Government didn’t actually articulate any at all – they actually asked local authorities to be on the ‘lookout’ for them.

There was an assumption that if the country moves to World Trade Organisation tariffs (a likely scenario) that there would be significant negative impacts.

 That only 1m EU nationals that need to register for settled status (out of around 3m) have done so at present.

Said Cllr Follows:

“It was also pretty clear that there are still not really any impact assessments to base any of their assumptions on (good or bad). Which of course makes us here at Waverley wonder exactly how we are supposed to prepare for something the Government has proven it does not wholly understand. I say that just because so little information was actually communicated here.”

My core concern ultimately is that neither risk or opportunities seem to have been really thought through. And finally, let’s make it just a little bit local for a moment.

443 local jobs have been lost in Waverley from firms that are foreign-owned and have withdrawn because of Brexit.

We are also being ordered by the Government to assign staff to no-deal preparations. which of course means there are things they are not doing in their normal jobs at Waverley.

Happy to discuss. I am keen to keep this about facts rather than ideological statements (from either side).


1. Seems to process the vast number of EU nationals seeking settled status, this government that puts (in my view wrongly) immigration issues at the top of its list – isn’t checking to see if applicants are even UK residents.

2. The Government also intends to wave trucks across the frontier from Nov 1st as it has no other method of preventing issues and shortages immediately.

Here at the Waverley Web, we are living in the fervent hope that one day soon, this proud country of ours, may become a sane place once again – and we will all be able to hold our heads upon the world stage?

7 thoughts on “For the first time – the Waverley Web uses the ‘B’ word.”

  1. I’m not too bothered myself. I never believed them back in 2016 when they said we would leave. Clear now that we never will. Bye bye Boris come Tuesday. Shortest serving PM in recent history.
    In the unlikely event of a no deal there won’t be much to do in Waverley towers. Waverley doesn’t have a huge EU migrant work population and the (wealthy) ratepayers who pay most of Waverley’s bills will only be richer from a falling pound. The FTSE 100 was rising on news of the pounds fall…

  2. Good well I hope that we Don’t Leave – I voted Remain and stick by it! You don’t have to love the way European Union was working and we should have tried harder to make changes – But no DC takes a Punt on this country and screws up Totally and now he is raking it in – I hope no-one ever buys his retched Memoirs.
    When we have no NHS workers or Fruit Pickers, Hotel and Café staff maybe then we will realise what a mess we have made of this whole thing. Not to think about Pensions, savings etc that have all down hill – Well Done Bo Jo and the Brexiters .. I understand what he is doing and he Does think outside of the Box – But unless he has a gold-lined Rabbit to pull out of the Hat we are stuffed!

  3. I, for one am not frightened by no deal. I am frightened by the thought of a Corbyn Government. We hear much about the lies told by Leave campaigners but not about the Remain ones like the leaflet distributed locally by Labour telling us that for every £ we gave to the EU we received £10 back!!

    I am old enough to remember when our students went grape picking in France every year and European students were here for fruit picking, this was before we joined the EEC and going to uni on the continent was not difficult. I worked with engineers from all over the globe before freedom of movement meant that it would only be European engineers.

    Where is the depression promised by George Osbourne and his emergency budget that we would need if we voted to leave?

    If we leave without a deal there will undoubtedly be some economic problems but as in the past when these have occurred they will pass. The sky will not fall in.

    And if one more person bleats about ruining the future of our young people I say go and talk to the young Portuguese, Greeks, Spaniards, Italians, Romanians etc about their job prospects at home. You will find them working in our leisure business because there are no jobs in their home Countries for them.

    Why can’t people correlate the fact that we need more NHS workers because of the population explosion. We need to build homes all over our greenbelt because when we had controlled net immigration of about 50,000 the Government could plan for housing, medical and school requirements, with unknown numbers planning is impossible and we have ended up in this mess. This is not racist it is commonsense. I do not care who comes here I just want planning to be possible and that cannot happen within the confines of the EU.

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if we had to buy our own produce? Produce that tasted of something resembling the fruit or vegetable, when in season, and what it says on the packet.

    Perhaps too all our graden centres and nurseries growing tomatoes and lettuces could remain as such. Most of them are being turned into concrete thanks to the Government’s race to provide more homes for?

  5. I have grown my own tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber carrots, red onions, garlic, potatoes and a wide variety of peppers this year, you are welcome to some. Oh and of course runner beans all frozen ready for xmas dinner.

  6. We should just get used to the fact we only eat Seasonable Fruit & Veg and Not expect everything 365 days a year

    Grow Your Own is Good – It is what we have here in Corfu – I whinged today to OH – Couldn’t find the Cherries I got last year and he reminded me that maybe it hadn’t been the right weather for Cherries this year get over it – He was right and I did – Grapes are fine!!!
    I still don’t want to leave the EU!

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