It cannot be true – can it? Are moves afoot to close Guildford’s A & E by stealth and turn it into an Urgent Care Centre?

No! Surely not! The WW is putting two and two together and making a drama out of a  consultation on the future of The Royal Surrey County Hospital’s A & E, and of Urgent Care Centres in Guildford & Waverley…

isn’t it?

It may be 31 pages long – but believe us it’s worth the read. Make yourself a cuppa, or perhaps you may need something stronger after you have waded through the latest consultation exercise offered up to us by the local health authority… Guildford & Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)  – called Better Care Together Case for Change.

Give the CCG it’s due, it’s not beating about the bush.

 The present A & E system is under too much pressure; not enough staff or GP’s; not enough money; too many old people; too many young people; too many inbetweeners; and too much new housing –Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 22.37.47.png

So the local health authority wants us to tell IT what WE want. What we REALLY, REALLY WANT? As long as it is what IT REALLY, REALLY WANTS AND CAN AFFORD?

Very opportune for the people in the Haslemere Area – they want their Minor Injuries Unit which is linked to other diagnostic facilities and 18 nurse-led beds up-graded to an Urgent Care Centre (UCC) – if not – they could lose the lot!

As for Cranleigh, it is currently petitioning, and writing to, anyone who will listen at ‘Your Waverley’ not to allow an 80-bed Private Care Home with 20 community beds to be built there, saying it wants its 20-year-long ‘HOSPITAL’ saga halted.  Instead, they say they want a Minor Injuries Unit (UCC) in its old cottage hospital. This, they claim, would be of far greater benefit to its rapidly increasing population – soon to have Waverley’s First Garden Village circa 1,800 (2,600 new homes) on its doorstep at Dunsfold Airfield, than a commercially operated Care Home.

Two towns with the same aim in Waverley? But Cranleigh says “NO” to a private Care Home.

The petition has reached its original target of 2,500 and has now been raised to 5,000 and which now can be accessed on the link above. <>

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 21.35.46.pngScreen Shot 2019-08-22 at 21.42.05.png

Read about what the Governors of The Royal Surrey County Hospital say here about Haslemere in our great local newspaper The Haslemere Herald:

2 thoughts on “It cannot be true – can it? Are moves afoot to close Guildford’s A & E by stealth and turn it into an Urgent Care Centre?

  1. I’ve read and what a load of waffle. Should be 10 pages or less. Most of it is obvious, definition of A&E etc. or repeating the same tried stuff about ageing population etc. or just stating facts about the area.
    The only thing of substance is:
    “We know from the NHS England guidance on Urgent Treatment Centres that Minor Injuries Units and Walk-in Centres cannot continue to operate in their current form”
    Not looking good for haslemere hospital then!

  2. We wonder if others will draw the same conclusions. However, full marks to Haslemere’s Robert Knowles for using his position of some influence as a Governor of the Royal Surrey County Hospital to begin the fight for Haslemere’s Minor Injuries Unit to be saved and for it to become an Urgent Care Centre.

    Not too sure how this will pan out for the eastern villages though. Will they stand a chance of getting an Urgent Care Centre after losing their MIU some years ago? Remains to be seen?

    Perhaps if the Care Home and Hostel are refused – the villagers over there will throw their weight behind the Cranleigh Village Hospital League of Friends and bid for an UCC?

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