Intervention by a Cranleigh ‘businessman’ has prompted another local row over a petition to stop a private care home and replace it with an MIU in Cranleigh.

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They say they want the money trousered by a ‘charity’ to be used instead for a Minor Injuries Unit/ Urgent Care Centre. 

Donors claim they raised £1.4m over almost 20 years for A HOSPITAL + Day Hospital + a Minor Injuries Unit! Not a 60-bed commercial development on former parish-owned land.

Neither will they support 20 community beds for patients who come from anywhere, other than from the donor villages.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 08.14.47 The self-appointed spokesman for… Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust the Chamber of Trade; Knowle Park Country Park Initiative; etc – Martin Bamford “AKA – I am not a spokesman for the Charity”  told Andy Webb – Cranleigh Community Group founder and the man who started the petition that he had “his own agenda,” and had changed the title. See below.

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However, here’s what Change.Org says about the Petition which already boasts over 2,500 signatures and comments.

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A further twitter feed of invective is aimed at others – including the Waverley Web, which we will not give the benefit of airtime. However, perhaps we would respectfully suggest that Mr. Bamford or ‘The BB” as he is known locally reads some of the letters on Waverley’s Planning Portal and on the on-line Petition Website. As the important issue here is?

What do the residents of Cranleigh and the eastern villages want? Really, really want?

  • Do they want a private 60 – bed private care home, 20 community beds and 26 bedsits on a site they owned and which was sold to a charity by Cranleigh Parish Council for £1?
  • Do they want Mr. Chai Patel’s HC-One Nursing Home Group – 800m in debt and up for sale – granted a 150-year lease – effectively a freehold – in return for 60 private beds for anyone, anywhere (circa £1,200 p.w minimum) and 20 social care beds for patients from within the Guildford & Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group/Surrey County Council, and £1m towards 26 bedsits for health workers from anywhere in Surrey?  


  • Do they want the application turned down in September by Waverley Planners  for sound planning reasons: – Due to the lack of community benefit, overdevelopment of a site in an area which floods; adjacent and overlooking a Waverley council development; adjacent to  access to a Berkeley Homes development of 425 homes, delivery accesses to Sainsburys’ and M & S Foods and one of the worst junctions from a country lane into the centre of Cranleigh High Street?


  •  the money the villages raised donated to the Cranleigh League of Friends which boasts over £2m in its coffers, and which has just shelled out £400,000 for a new X-Ray department to complement diagnostics and other services in the old Cranleigh Cottage Hospital. This would enable it to persuade health officials to provide an Urgent Care Centre in the old Day Hospital – a building which was also donated by – yes you guessed – the villagers of Cranleigh and the nearby villages? An empty building that has oodles of available space? The League is led by its trusted chairman who was asked to resign from Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust after a backlash from its members. The League’s president, also a CVHT Trustee, was also asked to resign.


We rest the case – and let the good people of Cranleigh & Villages tell their elected representatives and their fellow decision-makers on Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee from around the borough  – what THEY really want their money – and their land –  used for?

Two towns with the same aim in Waverley? But Cranleigh says “NO” to a private Care Home.

Is a bad deal better than no deal – for the residents of the eastern villages?







14 thoughts on “Intervention by a Cranleigh ‘businessman’ has prompted another local row over a petition to stop a private care home and replace it with an MIU in Cranleigh.”

  1. Well done for keeping this going…The more people hear about it the better.. and Cranleigh and local Villages deserve better than this commercial, opportunist development. I am just so pleased Cranleigh has found its voice.

  2. William Web could you post this on the Cranleigh Group please. I tried but only part came out. Thank you 😊

  3. Yes, over here in Farnham we thought Cranleigh people were sleepwalking into a potential disaster.

    However, at least they appear to have awoken from their slumbers and are now in fight mode?

    We have heard from the local GP’s who are busy dropping welcome packs into the new homes under construction by Berkeleys, that the development of the Care Home has been doomed from the outset – and is ‘never going to happen.’

    1. Quelle surprise! Did you doubt your man in Cranleigh? Surely not. All this is doing is confusing an already confused public. Which is probably exactly what is intended.

      Just keep focus all your villagers over there. Do you want a Care Home with 80 beds, 20 of which will be for continuing care, both of which will be for patients from all over the county – a 26 bed hostel hostel for 26 healthworkers from anywhere?

      Or do you want to put your weight behind an Urgent Care Centre? If you want to stop the Care Home – then vote on the Andy Webb site – which will be presented to Waverley Planners, ahead of their decision-making process. And write your objections on the waverley borough council planning portal.
      Enjoy your holiday… and chill out. WW

      1. Perhaps you should check your facts. the Smart Cranleigh petition was requested by the local GP’s to provide information to the CCG as part of the Better Care Together initiative.

  4. Yes, would appear the smell of drains is wafting over the easter villages again. Is it perhaps a case of divide and rule?

  5. We wonder why the GP’s would be asking for yet another petition to support a Minor Injuries Unit in Cranleigh when there are thousands of names on petitions calling for the Care Home to be dumped and the MIU to be adopted instead? And, we also wonder why BBamford ran to the rescue?

    1. Probably because the introduction of a Urgent Treatment Centre into the Village and the Care Home are unconnected. Perhaps you should carry out some proper research rather than relying on a few keyboard warriors who make many assumptions which are unsubstantiated, but then fact checking is not this websites strong point. As for Mr Elliott – I think you’ll find he lives in Cornwall…….

      1. We are well aware that the UTC and the Care Home are unconnected. However, perhaps you should check YOUR facts.

        Go onto the Waverley Planning Portal and read the statements that have been put forward by the Charity and its representatives, and you will see exactly what their claims are!! We have no idea where Mr Elliott comes from and neither do we care. We have heard publicly and privately from a vast number of former eastern villages residents who donated towards A HOSPITAL & DAY HOSPITAL and not a private for profit Care Home. The keyboard warriors you refer to are very angry, and quite rightly so.

  6. So sound reasons for rejecting the Care Home are:
    Due to the lack of community benefit,
    overdevelopment of a site in an area which floods;
    adjacent and overlooking a Waverley council development;
    adjacent to access to a Berkeley Homes development of 425 homes,
    delivery accesses to Sainsburys’ and M & S Foods
    one of the worst junctions from a country lane into the centre of Cranleigh High Street

    Were these valid reasons when the original hospital plans were passed on the same site?
    M&S / Sainsburys were already in place as was the council development, the only change is the Berkeley homes site and the majority of the housing on that site won’t access via Knowle Lane but the Alfold Road.

    Would those kicking off be arguing the same ‘planning’ reasons if it was a hospital being built? I very much doubt it!

  7. The message above was not written by the Waverley Web. However, some smart arse thinks that by confusing the public even further they will achieve their aim. We doubt that any respectable charity would even consider doing such a thing?

    We understand from the residents over there that Cranleigh and the eastern villages are a very different place since the original planning permission was granted.

    A new garden village has recently been awarded that status by the Government and which will ultimately have over 3,000 new homes. How will its occupants access the village of Cranleigh? Yes, you get it! Through the three country lanes that we have identified on te map of the area. Elm Bridge Rd, Wildwood ~Lane – Knowle Lane and Alfold Road – all of which are being developed with more housing as we write.

    We can remove and trash any comments that have been put up in the name of the Waverley Web, In this particular case we will not do so. But don’t try it again!!!

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