Jeremy Hunt – backs the benches?


A little bird told us here at the Waverley Web – before it was stuffed, that our MP Jeremy Hunt turned down an important role in Boris Johnson’s new cabinet.

With a rictus grin on his face – you know the one – he told all his Twitter followers…

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 21.46.54.png

Yes,  you guessed. Our little Westminster bird told us he believed he may have turned down the new post of Minister for Entrepreneurs?!

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 21.46.54

We appreciate he has been a Minister for most of his elected career, so it is heartwarming to see this tweet about his family in Hammersmith. No mention of his poor neglected Surrey electorate though. Some commentators have thought, given the polling in Guildford and South West Surrey of a Yellow Wave, he may not stand for re-election again in the forthcoming inevitable Autumn election.

Screenshot 2019-07-25 at 08.21.51

One wag suggested he really wanted to be Housing Minister to improve his portfolio!



8 thoughts on “Jeremy Hunt – backs the benches?”

  1. Yawn 💤

    Pathetic petty comments. JH is one of the hardest working MPs in Parliament.

      1. Sorry Paul but Jeremy is a real asset to our community. He was getting involved long before you took your degree in politics and I note you did very little indeed in the community before you became a councillor!

      2. Some of us didn’t quite get his start in life Jim…I’ve had to make sure I am able to actually earn a living after paying for university etc before I was able to take some time out to be a councillor.

      3. Come on Jim – he was handed the SW Surrey seat by his Aunty Virginia Bottomley who was keeping it warm for him for years.

    1. Tell us what he has achieved in the NHS – and we will give you a list as long as our arms why so many GP’s have retired; junior docors are now living and practising all over the world; how many talented nurses, some of whom were whistleblowers and were promised protection by JH, but did not receive it; and have now either died or retired. How many old people’s have been refused NHS nursing care in residential homes… we could go on and on.

      Did you mean hardworking in the borough perhaps?
      Like? Calling in the Dunsfold application to the Secretary of State and promoting building all over the countryside rather than on the largest brownfield site in the borough?

      We could continue – but it is too hot!!

  2. Jim Edwards knows full well he was handed the SW Surrey seat on a platter aided by his Aunty Virginia Bottomley former S of State for Health who kept it warm for him until he had left Charterhouse and was ready for climb the greasy pole.

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